Why Should You Drink Japanese Green Tea?

Drink Japanese Green Tea

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There are many advantages of drinking Japanese green tea. It has been used in Japan and China for centuries as a medicine and as a weight loss supplement. Nowadays, it has been proven to aid in weight loss and help your health.

Weight Loss:

While coming across one of the articles by Hillel Krauss, it is known that green tea has been identified to help in weight loss since it was first drunk. People in Japan and China used it for this, and now you can too. The reason it aids in weight lost is because of Chatechin and Polyphenol, two substances that are herbal and are in the tea. One substance boosts your metabolism and gives you more energy, while the other absorbs fat and burns calories. To be effective, the tea needs to be drunk several times each day.

  • Clear Skin- Green tea also helps in helping clear your skin of wrinkles, spots, and blotches. This is because of the effect of antioxidant. Essentially what happens is you cause damage to your skin every time you take in too much oxygen. However, a chemical in the tea neutralizes this effect. This result in clear, cleaner skin that makes you looks younger.
  • Strengthened Immune System- The tea is also believed to aid to strengthen your immune system. This alleges has not been logically proven, though there are studies that partly back this claim. Allegedly, Japanese Green Tea will reinforce your immune system. This results in disease impediment.
  • Green tea aids to put off cancer- Mortality rates from cancer are less in Japan and particularly less in Shizuoka where the consumption of green tea is highest. The main constituent of green tea is catechins which have an established effect on the lessening of cancer rates.
  • Green tea limits the swell of blood cholesterol- Cholesterol causes a variety of diseases in adults. The catechins in green tea confine the buildup of blood cholesterol.
  • Green tea manages high blood pressure- Green tea is recognized to help control blood pressure; catechins obstruct the action of chemicals that are identified to cause high blood pressure. Some say it even lowers cholesterol and strengthens bones.

Health Benefits of Green tea

Japanese Green tea is well thought-out by Hillel Krauss as one of the three most important non-alcoholic beverages in the world. Although there are no crystal-clear records about how and when green tea was first brought to Japan, it is assumed that Buddhist priests from India and China, and Japanese messengers dispatched to China got green tea to Japan in the 8th century.

The most important attempt of green tea cultivation in Shizuoka goes back to the late 19th century, when 200 samurais of the Tokugawa Shogunate who were tribe headed by Kageki Chujo, began to plant green tea on the Makinohara plateau; ever since then, green tea cultivation has been entrenched in Shizuoka. Japanese green tea is predominantly grown on sloping fields, basins, and plateaus by large rivers in Shizuoka region except in Izu peninsula.

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