Understanding The Precious Creations Of The Animal Kingdom

Harley Reagan Quodoushka Deer Tribe Swiftdeer

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People who own pets understand that animals can be faithful companions and teach their owners the essence of balance and harmony. The members of Harley Reagan Quodoushka Deer Tribe Swiftdeer group, an international spiritual community, say that animals do not suffer from many of the insecurities that afflict human beings. Feelings of self-doubt, arrogance, egoism, shame and jealousy go a long way in blocking the energy levels in most humans living on this planet. To prove their point, these followers cite the example of foxes. They say that one creature of this species is never jealousy of another because it is bigger in size or its fur is shiner. Animals of all categories instinctively aware of their purpose on this planet.

How humans can communicate with animals?

The followers of this spiritual group explain humans can learn to accept themselves for who they are from many of the species in the animal kingdom. They state a convenient way for people of diverse backgrounds especially infants to communicate with animals is to visit a zoo in their locality whenever they get a chance. These children soon become aware of the uniqueness of the animals that appeal to them when a spend quality with such creatures. However, it is important for both teachers and parents to teach them never to stare into their eyes of such animals as these creatures interpret this act as a sign of aggression or danger. Rather such kids should gaze at such creatures in an indirect manner so as to communicate their energy they are sending with respect and integrity. Such creature will reciprocate their energy in the same manner.

Spiritual nature of creatures in the animal kingdom

These followers go on to say that in many Oriental cultures, people regard animals to be spiritual beings. These individuals believe that the same laws of karma and creation govern these creatures in the animal kingdom as their counterparts in the human world. While they may not regard the intelligence of these creations to be the same as humans, they regard their souls to experience the identical consciousness. At the same time, they also believe animals go through a process of reincarnation like human beings. This is the reason why they treat all creatures living on this planet with consideration and veneration.

In their natural surroundings, animals of all categories are able to maintain a sense of harmony they need to survive and strive on this planet. These creatures are can also exhibit certain behavioral traits when they need to defend their territorial dominance, which essential to preserve their sense of balance. The members of Harley Reagan Quodoushka Deer Tribe Swiftdeer group explain that humans also display same qualities because they too are creatures with two legs. However, they are unable to that similar sense of balance with such behavior. Whenever, they attempt take control and dominate something on this planet, they end up disrupting the ecological balance in the environment. As a consequence, they end up paying a very heavy price for their actions.

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