Truth about weight loss pills

Truth about weight loss pills

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We all may seen different advertise and commercial, passed by bill boards and heard several reviews about diet pills at some point in our lives. And many of us even tried those weight loss pills once in our life. The question emerged in our mind that there are any such magic pills that helps to lose our weight? Will be lose 20 pounds in 2 to 3 weeks? Are these pills good for us?

The answer is yes, but here are some nasty truth about weight loss pills which may makes you want to reconsider.

  • Not All Diet Pills Are FDA Approved :

The bitter truth about weight loss pills is that many of them are not approved or tested by FDA and are sold illegally. Many over the counter drugs are being purchased by many people but  they are not legally approved, FDA does not consider many ovee tge counter pills to be drugs, therefore they don’t review them. As we have no authentic prove that these pills are good or not we can’t use them, but to save some money many people buy these pills but they feel regret because they don’t give them their desired results.

  • Diet Pills Becomes an Addiction :

Diet pills are additionally create dependency and if someone is using them after hour and hour they may be addicted to it. Its seems little weird but the truth is that diet pills also cause some physiological problems. Some diet pills contains ingredients which makes you feel fine but when you stop taking them you will feel torment, this normally happens when you take illegal drugs like heroine, weed etc. Many of these diet pills are ban in US and other countries, however these pills will be found in Mexico, Canado and other European countries.

  • Have Mild Or Serious Side Effects :

Every medications have a list of possible side effects that may occur. Diet pills are not different they also have some side effects, some have mild side effects while some have severe long lasting effects. Some of the mild side effects includes diarrhea, insomnia, headaches and dry mouth. Diet pills that block the abosrbtion of fats have some side effects like intestinal problems, cramps and fatigue. Many effects are not long lasting and disappear after you stop taking them. But some diet pills contains long lasting and severe side effects includes heart problems, liver problems like rapid heart beat, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, arrhythmias and renal failure.

Conclusion :

These are the nasty and dangerous truth about the weight loss pills. You can lose 10 pounds by popping pills in just 1 week but the effect it will produce will be dangerous and can be life threatening. So ask yourself are diet pills are good, or diet pills are the answer for reduce weight.  If you really want to lose weight just adopt a healthy life style eat fresh vegatabel and fruit and do exercise daily.


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