Top Five spots of Varanasi that every tourist should visit

spots of Varanasi

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There are people who love to go on trips for learning, pleasure and enlightenment. Of course, the extensive land of Varanasi has all this for its visitors. From delightful delicacies to historic values, everything is encompassed therein.

So, have you ever been to this holy city of India? The land is also popularly known as Benaras and Kashi. There are plenty of spots for your enlightenment and enjoyment but for relishing the thrill you have to visit this city. Don’t think too much about your stay because you can get Varanasi best hotels for your comfort. So, for now, how about going through top 5 destinations of Varanasi that you should visit!

  1. Kashi Vishwanath Mandir

Kashi Vishwanath Mandir is the pride of Varanasi. It is one of the most antique temples of India and is also one of twelve jyotirlingas. It is located near banks of well-known river Ganga.  The temple is considered as one of the premium spots to worship in country. The charm of surroundings of this temple is that Vishwanath Gali has a large number of jewellery and bangles shops.

  1. Assi Ghat

This ghat is the spot where the pilgrims pay reverence to God Shiva by admiring and worshiping a big lingam placed under peepal tree. This ghat is a lively area, undulating in chaos and commotion. The ghat intensely arrests ancientness and extensiveness of Kashi. The attractive sight of arti and prayers here make the whole area a flawless place for the worshipers and of course tourists.

  1. Ramnagar fort

Ramnagar Fort arrests tourists from around the globe. It is situated on the opposite bank of river Ganga. It was established in the 18th century by Maharaja Balwant Singh. It is the ancestral residence of Maharaja of Banaras. The fort is elegantly constructed with red sandstone and has a temple and a museum within its premises. Moreover the fort features both the Indian and Islamic panache of architecture. The splendid carved balconies, spacious open courtyards and pavilions are the highpoints of this fort.

  1. Bharat Kala Bhawan

Bharat Kala Bhawan is a very popular museum and possesses spectacular collection of paintings, sculptures, scriptures, archaeological materials and much more. There are a huge number of findings in this museum that cannot be witnessed in any other part of world. Everything preserved in this museum is of great value.

  1. Gyan Vapi Well

Gyan Vapi well is located inside the Gyanvapi Mosque that was constructed by the well-known Mughal emperor, Aurangzeb. During the realm of British, the well was considered to be more mystic than Ganga and was in the very significant spots to visit in Varanasi as it owns the Shiva lingam.

Thus, the bottom line is that the city is crammed with variety of diverse spots and destinations. If you want to enjoy these top five spots and other spectacular places then book your rooms in Varanasi best resort and carry out a trip in this spiritual realm. You will surely fall in love with this ancient city.

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