Top 8 Reasons Why People Choose not to Move

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There are multiple facts and figures that play an important role to make up a mind about not moving. The particular reasons for not willing to move always vary person to person.

Below Mentioned Reasons gave General Ideas of it, which are considered as common causes for not moving:

  1. It is very natural for anyone gets attached to the place they stay for longer. In all these years, they have developed loving relations with neighbors and friends staying around. There are other places also where we go everyday like garden and club. It is very difficult to leave all those people and move to a place where you don’t know anyone around. This emotional attachment is one of the prime reasons for not relocating. Movers and Packers will helps you to relocate easier to another place without any problem. People are worried if they would get such warm natured people around in that known place.
  2. People currently staying at best location which is having multiple facilities available around. They are worried if the new location will be having all existing facilities. They know that moving includes a complete new lifestyle for every family member at unknown surroundings. Any responsible person thinks about the wellness about entire family. They also think if daily necessities for all family members will be served.
  3. People fail to understand that it is just a matter of getting used to. They forget that existing place where they are staying was also new some years back. Now they are moving to a better place with same feelings which they had experienced before. People do not want to go through same pain and hassle in future. It happens because they become used to stay at old location and they do not wish to think about a new place even into dreams.
  4. People strongly believe that new place is not going to be easy to settle down. Even if they are find the best deal and much better new location, they still avoid moving. People require coming out of this Comfort Zone to have a bright future. This is very frustrating as buying a new home is a huge investment for future. If people give this a second thought and go for the better deal, which will be best for safer future.
  5. One reason is because their parents have stayed in the same place for past 20-25 years. They get so much emotionally attached that even after knowing that new place is better, they don’t want to shift.
  6. One genuine problem which people think is they would not get proper rate of existing property and new property will be more expensive. No one would desire to make such bad deal. We would strongly recommend such clients to take a professional help of entrusted real estate agents to get best valuation of the existing property.
  7. Yet another reason is complicated government regulations for buying new property. It is also government’s responsibility to smoother the norms for properties to encourage people.
  8. The hassle of finding new job and school stop people from moving to new home. If new property is far or in other city, then finding a better job for self and good school for children are two most essential necessities. Fear of not finding them becomes the reason of not moving.

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