The CIGNA Health First Elite Medical Plan

The CIGNA Health First Elite Medical Plan

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CIGNA is currently one of the best health insurance provider. They offer an outstanding comprehensive medical insurance solution Hong Kong. Whether you are an employer, an employee, or individual who wants to make sure that his or her health is secured, then CIGNA health plans are for you.

            They are currently offering the CIGNA HealthFirst Elite Medical Plan. This is a worldwide health insurance. Now you might wonder what makes this so special. If you are interested to know more about this plan that CIGNA offers, then this article is for you.

What is CIGNA HealthFirst Elite Medical Plan?

            This plan offers a comprehensive worldwide medical insurance coverage that has definitely no lifetime limit. It can provide you with as much as HK $23.8M annual limit that can greatly assist you from any unexpected expenses that you might have to be able to receive the best medical services and treatments.

Age Requirement. This plan is applicable for individuals aging 15 days up to 75 years old. Maternity benefits are optional which will only be granted from age 18 up to 45.

What It Covers:

  • This plan offers an unlimited lifetime cover on hospital and surgical expenses. It gives a cashless hospitalization which will also be subject to pre-approval. The annual limit can be up to HK $23, 800, 000.
  • The insurance plan will be tailored depending on your location, accommodation and room types. It also depends on your annual deductibles and also the Pharmacy, Outpatient and also dental, Maternity and other deductible Discounts. This also includes premium waiver because of cancer.
  • This also includes a glocal medical network from over 7,000 hospitals and Cigna HealthFirst Elite Hotline that is accessible 24 hours a day.
  • You can also have access to any healthcare concierge in Hong Kong with a care manager that will provide you with assistance as long as you meet the eligibility criteria.

The CIGNA Hospitalization and Surgical Benefits

            When you have CIGNA HealthFirst Elite Medical Plan, you will have a comprehensive coverage for hospital benefits. The coverage will be for the full health insurance for different medical expenses.

  • All of your basic needs will be covered. This includes hospital rooms, and also board to surgery. The attending physicians, intensive care, as well as private nursing fees are also covered by this plan.
  • Other benefits would be for cancer treatments, dialysis for the kidneys and also include the rehabilitation and psychiatric inpatient fees.
  • The plan offers up to HK $2,000 in cash for your daily needs while at the hospital or when you need to be under a compulsory quarantine for specific Notifiable Infectious Diseases.
  • Medical appliances are also covered like the pacemakers, prosthetic ligaments or metallic and artificial joints.
  • There are also extended benefits before the admission and also for post-hospitalization expenses. It also includes traditional Chinese treatments, nursing home expenses, dental treatment, local ambulance charges, and so much more.

When it comes to health insurance services, CIGNA knows what you need. They have been in this business for a long time now, so they have learned every aspect of the person’s life and what they would be needing from their health care insurance.

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