The Case of Alex Rodriguez and Steroids

The Case of Alex Rodriguez and Steroids

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The laws of using steroids in sports and athletic events are binding, and it can spell the abrupt halt of your career as a professional athlete if you’ve been found out that you’ve been using these illegal drugs. However, despite legal restrictions, there are still some athletes that use Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) to boost their overall performance and endurance during events and matches.

Such is the case of one Alex Rodriguez, also known as A-Rod when the famous baseball superstar was tested positive for using PEDs. Various drug tests report that the baseball athlete has been using PEDs for quite some time, even before he “came clean” to the media.

Alex Rodriguez and Steroid Use

The case of Alex Rodriguez using steroids came into the limelight after the baseball player tested positive for using PEDs. There were various reports that indicate A-Rod to have been using steroids for quite some time, and some of these times were right before important matches. These drug tests revealed that A-Rod was using Primobolan and testosterone to boost his overall athletic performance. The results appeared right after the player recorded an impressive display of athletic performance for the Texas Rangers, A-Rod’s team. Reports indicate that the PEDs came from Biogenesis of America and sold the drugs to the Major League Baseball player. The company that supplied the drugs to A-Rod is a rejuvenation clinic owned and founded by Anthony Bosch.

Details of Anabolic Steroid Use

Alex Rodriguez was found to have been using the PEDs during the years between 2001 and 2003. It was then while he was still playing for the Texas Rangers wherein the MLB player exhibited excellent performance as he rose through the ranks. He was then awarded his first Most Valuable Player (MVP) award in the American League as he was able to hit 47 runs during that year. He even won the Silver Slugger Award. Even though Rodriguez was touted as one of the best players in baseball history with his score of 2086 RBIs, the drug use scandal halted his chances of placing himself as one of the athletes in the Hall of Fame. Yuri Sucart, A-Rod’s cousin, was even sentenced to 7-months in prison for distributing steroids like Primobolan, as well as HGH. A-Rod’s punishment for using steroids was that he lost $22-million of his $25-million salary.

The MLB Star’s Steroid Scandal

When news broke out that the major league player was using PEDs, the news went around the entire sports and athletic community for quite some time. The scandal also revealed other major league players who were using steroids because of the apprehension of Anthony Bosch. It was reported that one of the reasons as to why Alex Rodriguez submitted to the use of steroids as because he had been under pressure to perform better during matches.

Drug Testing in the MLB

In light of events concerning the use of PEDs in the professional athletic community, there was an increase of random drug testing in different sports associations during that time. At that time, there were a total of 104 major league players who tested positive for using PEDs, and they’ve all received a ban from the sport for the remainder of the season.

Despite some people who would use performance enhancers for casual use, do know that there are always very strict rules regarding the use of steroids and other PEDs for professional athletes.

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