Starting Your Own Bubble Tea Business: What You Need to Know

Starting Your Own Bubble Tea Business

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Bubble tea shops are one of the fastest growing trends out there at the moment and if you’ve considered getting into this potentially lucrative niche of the drinks industry there are a number of things you need to know before starting a bubble tea business.

Find a Good Location

This is one of the most critical aspects to keep in mind. Where you open your new shop can have a significant impact on whether or not the business succeeds. Storefronts near heavy foot and road traffic areas can bring in more potential customers but also bring higher rent each month, open further away from the action and you may need to work harder to get them in the door.

You could open a kiosk, a cart, even a food truck and be more mobile about your business location. But this also brings with it certain challenges for clientele, exposure, and location costs.

Procure the Proper Permits

You can’t do business without the correct licenses or permits that are mandated by your state and/or local laws. Food service businesses are held to a laundry list of standards and inspections and if you’re not in compliance with every single one of them, at all times, you can and will be shut down. That’s not the kind of publicity you want either.

Assess Your Competitors

The bubble tea industry is still growing so that gives you some options as to where you set up shop, but since it is so specialized you need to be very careful about your competition in the area. Larger cities probably have a greater number of these shops than small towns. However, these smaller areas may not know bubble tea from regular and that will require you to be more diligent about marketing.

Buying Your Equipment

Selling bubble tea takes certain types of specialized equipment in order to serve your drinks properly. Shakers, blenders, even cup sealers are all commonplace in these stores and vital to the success of your operation. But finding the bubble tea machines that what you need will come at a substantial cost and they will represent one of your most important expenses for starting up.

There are other essentials such as a stove, stirrers, jugs, dispensers for sugar and straws, and point of sale items such as a cash register and credit card readers.

A good way to reduce your costs is by purchasing used equipment which can be much cheaper than getting all brand new machinery.

Get the Word Out

Any business is destined to fail without a confident and carefully strategized marketing plan. Without it, your store is going to have a much harder time of succeeding in the marketplace and with bubble tea posing challenges due to its exotic nature, it’s even more important to educate your customers on what you are offering and why they should drink it. Be creative, get clever, anything that will bring people into your shop to try out your product and come back for more.

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