Mumbai, the city of Seven Islands

city of Seven Islands

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Mumbai, also known as Bombay, is the city that has been infamously famous. This capital city of Maharashtra is one of the most populated cities around the world.  It is the city that has the highest number of Millionaires and Billionaires among all the Indian states.

With the reputation of the city that never sleeps, Mumbai has truly evolved from the ancient buildings and architectures. The city is the financial capital of the country and houses many MNCs in their skyrocketing buildings. And, even with all these modernization, one can still enjoy the city and its past in its heritages and scenic beauty.

Another thing that one can enjoy in Mumbai is the diversity and the blend. People from all over the country and even from abroad come here and settle down in the same place as one family. One can also notice the contrast in terms of the living standard here.

Mumbai is the world on its own that one needs to unravel. However, there are several beautiful places around it that one can visit from here. Below are some of the places nearby Mumbai that one needs to visit:


At just 64.2kms away from the main city of Mumbai, one can visit this natural delight and indulge in some trekking and other activities. The city is the origin to River Ulhas and is a must visit for all the adventure lovers. Along with trekking, one can also indulge in water rappelling and create memories for the lifetime. One can hire Mumbai to Karjat car rental and get to this place.

Kondana Caves: One can find these caves in the midst of the forests and are caves that are carved very beautifully. These caves even today give the vibes of a regal aura. The waterfalls nearby enhance the beauty of this place. These caves hold a great importance in the Buddhist community as well. One can get a first hand experience of the Buddhist community and lifestyle, just by simply taking a walk in these caves.


At a mere 257.4kms away, one can get to this beautiful place filled with white beaches and mango grooves. Located near to beautiful Lake Vashishti, it received its name from the famous temple that resides in it. Chiplun in its literal name means, ‘The abode of Lord Parashurama’. One can get over here for the weekend and take a breath in the fresh air. One can hire a Mumbai to Chiplun taxi and get to this place for picnics and relaxation.

Lord Parashurama Temple: This temple has been 300 years old and is built with both Hindu as well as Muslim architectures. This temple has been dedicated to the 6th incarnation of Hindu god. The temple has been surrounded with stone walls and houses 3 idols inside its premises.


At a distance of 134.7kms away from Mumbai, one can get to this coastal town and enjoy the bliss of this seaside town. One can hire a taxi from Mumbai to Dahanu and get to this beautiful beach. One can also enjoy the fruit orchards of this place. One can also visit the Udwada from this place, which is the place of worship for Zoroastrians. This temple houses a large temple inside which it houses their sacred fire. This fire inside this temple has been burning for more than thousand years now.

One can also visit the beaches in the place. Parnaka beach, Chikhale beach, Agar beach are some of the popular beaches of the area.

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