Inventive Ideas for Small Living Spaces

small living space ideas

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Living in a small home doesn’t have to leave you with a disadvantage. It can be an opportunity to be creative. In fact, many people happily live in small apartments and even in RV’s while traveling on the road. There are great solutions in either case because you can have furniture that serves different purposes.

For example, the dilemma of furniture vs. tight spaces is addressed in many ways. As this list of small living space ideas reveals, the type of units you choose affects how well the space is utilized. From adjustable bookcases to convertible surfaces that turn into tables on a whim, to desks and tables that transform into couches, the options can meet your livability needs and solve the problem of not having enough space for everything.

There are designer tables with multiple compartments for storage. If you look hard enough, any type of furniture can be designed to have storage space to keep your clutter hidden. Some designers have come up with ideas such as dining tables that convert into pool tables. Vertical storage units and fancy designer bookcases also address the concerns of limited room at home.

There are even fold up beds that disappear into the wall when not in use. Foldable beds, storage, living room furniture, offices, and kitchen sets can accommodate just about any living area. Regardless of its type, you want the furnishings to be easy to reconfigure so little time and effort are wasted.

You might be looking to establish a small nook for storage or area between walls for an office. Small space design ideas are not hard to come by. Many allow you to make the smallest of rooms multi functional. The can include pull out beds that make way for workspace and guest visits.

Focus on Ambiance

Small spaces seem more accommodating when they are brighter, window treatments and other design elements take away from the tightness, and there are visual tricks such as mirrors. Creative storage solutions come in many, many forms; you can even include storage in a wall divider, keeping the unit in a discrete location and out of the way.

Living Small Can Be Fun

Stationary small living spaces aren’t unlike Outdoorsy’s RV interior designs. The company sells and rents out RVs that include convertible furniture with as much comfort as that used in traditional houses. Plus, you can take advantage of upscale designs for cabinetry, dining sets, and more. Everyone expects an RV interior to be small. However, many are surprised to see attractive drawers, faux wood floors, sleek couches, and the same types of appliances seen at home. Modern RVs often have washers and dryers, dishwashers, and other standard appliances, so they’re as functional as regular homes.

Whether you live in a small apartment or an RV, the options for maximizing a small space are nearly infinite. In fact, they can be quite creative and whimsical. The best thing is you can have just as much function regardless of the size of any room.

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