How to know which is my animal totem – find out here

How to know which is my animal totem

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The concept of animal totem is widely spread by most cultures of the planet. This is because our oldest and most primitive ancestors coexisted very closely with animals, which also led to great respect for these beings. However, they realized something: each animal was not only physically different, but also spiritually. Here appeared the shamans, a primitive tribe that was able to incorporate into their being the spiritual energy of animals.

What is an animal totem?

In the culture of the American Indians, it is considered that as a species evolves, everything that has learned and acquired that species remains in the universe in the form of energy. In this way, according to the shamans, we can invoke our will an animal totem (that is, the energy of an animal species) in order to nurture its qualities to help us face certain situations in life.

However, besides being able to invoke that animal energy, we can also receive it in an innate way. That is, animal totems can also choose us.

Animals as spiritual guides

According to shamanism, people have animals as spiritual guides along our path. These totems can vary according to our needs. That is, they can spend a season with us and then disappear until we need them again.

It can also be the case that we have several spiritual animals at the same time, depending on our current situation.

How a spiritual animal chooses you

There are several theories about how an animal of power chooses us. Typically, totems choose the person they want to lead because of spiritual connections with the animal. That is, many times humans possess part of the qualities of that animal, therefore, it is easier for that totem to come to them by energetic familiarity.

Other times, the shamans say, we come to the world with assigned spiritual animals. For example, they say that we have a spiritual animal according to our date of birth.

There are also those who say that when a totem chooses us, it is because we were that animal in a past life. To affirm this theory, they rely on the fact that there are fewer animals and more people in the world, which is impossible at the energy level, since the number of souls in the universe is always the same; which would lead to think that more and more people are those who were an animal in another life.

How to find out what my animal totem is

There are ways to find out which is your animal of power, but the key is in the times that we encounter one way or another with that animal. Among them, the most common are the following:

Dreaming of animals

Many times we do not give dreams the importance they have. Sometimes they have hidden messages that we must decipher. If, for example, you dream repeatedly of a parrot, and soon after you come across a parrot, it is likely that, at least at that moment, your spiritual animal is the parrot.

Meeting animals

The same happens when we do not stop finding the same animal. Do not confuse the walk on the street, see owners walking their dogs and think that because of this, the dog is our spiritual animal. It could be, it is not impossible, but here we refer to finding animals that are unusual for us, such as, for example, dragonflies. If you do not stop to enter your house dragonflies and do not understand why, or you come up again and again with this insect, the dragonfly may be your animal totem.

Animals that chase you

Sometimes you may feel that an animal in question is pursuing you and you think they are mere coincidences. Let’s give an example: they give you an owl stuffed animal for your birthday; you are watching TV and suddenly a program about owls appears; A friend passes you a funny picture of an owl … everything quite often. Strange, right? Well maybe not so much. Maybe at that moment you have the owl as your animal totem and I’m trying to tell you.

Unexplained connection with animals

Have you felt for a long time a special inclination towards a particular animal? Or maybe, did you feel a connection with an animal during a season, and sometime later you felt it with another? It is possible that, in those seasons, you had as a spiritual guide that animal in question.

Meditate to know your spiritual animal

Another way to find out is through meditation. The shamans used to take infusions specially prepared to go into a trance more easily. However, it is not necessary to resort to this method. You must be silent, in a quiet place, make yourself comfortable and concentrate. A simple way to call your protective animal in meditation, if it does not appear, is to imagine yourself in the middle of a forest, in the middle of a protective circle of stones, and mentally ask your animal totem to appear. Soon after, you will see an animal. That will be, or your spiritual animal of the moment, or one of those that will guide you throughout your life. This article on How to Meditate Tips and Keys may also help.

How to invoke your animal power

Normally your animal of power will act on you by itself, helping you when you need it most. However, at some point you may feel lost and want to resort to invoking your animal totem.

The simplest thing for this is meditation, as well as to discover your spiritual guide. To help you, we advise you to put some incense and some candle thinking about the animal you want to invoke, since the use of incense and candles is one of the simplest ways to attract energy.

Once you have everything ready, get comfortable or comfortable, close your eyes and focus on the totem you want to invoke. From here it will depend on how you feel that you must invoke him, since each person has to discover his own way of controlling the energies of his totem.

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