Here’s why you need to pick up the phone

Here's why you need to pick up the phone

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Your smartphone connects you to the world and carries out many tasks for you. An important one among these is DTH recharge.

Of all the modern contrivances that mankind has come up with to ease life, mobile phone technology must rank really high up. In terms of practical utility and ease of use, mobile smartphones have very few parallels across different technology touchpoints.

Your smartphone is your window to the world, easing your life in so many different ways. Want to catch up on the news? Just open a news app and get a capsule of what’s going in the world. Want to book travel tickets? Browse air fares and book tickets within minutes. Want to chat with a friend on the other side of the world? Just open an IM window and chat like you’re sitting across from them.

Your phone is also an efficient money planner and manager. You can use it to bank, shop, transfer money and do phone and DTH recharges. Just open your phone, access the money transfer/payment app and make the payment for phone or DTH recharge. It’s all done in a matter of seconds – even if you’ve forgotten to do it before, just reach out for your phone and complete the DTH recharge.

Have phone, will recharge

It pays to recharge your DTH using your phone. It is much more convenient than using a tab or desktop computer. You can access the service provider’s app and get straight to the DTH recharge (if you are a habitual app user). However, even first timers can use the app quite easily after registering the DTH number on it.

It is always better to recharge phone and DTH connections, as also pay bills and shop, using your smartphone. You can save all the payment receipts in your ‘Documents’ folder so that you can access even back dated payments in a jiffy. Since all your important financial documentation is accessible via the phone, it makes sense to have the recharge and bill payment summary on the phone itself.

Recharging your DTH with Airtel

Airtel DTH comes highly recommended from legions of satisfied customers for the large variety of benefits it provides. Not only does Airtel DTH have the best plans (highest channel density, HD channels and affordable monthly plans) it also has one of the simplest purchase processes. Post purchase, you can simply finish the DTH recharge using your smartphone or computer (if you still wish to access the Airtel website instead of the myAirtel app).

Airtel sets up the myAirtel app on your phone just once. Thereafter, you can access the relevant section of the app (buy, pay bills, recharge) using the specific 10-digit number.

  • The next time you wish to recharge the DTH connection, just enter the 10-digit Airtel number once and proceed to recharge.
  • Flick open the myAirtel app with the touch of a finger. Once the app is opened, go to DTH as seen on the screen. If you are an existing DTH subscriber, enter your Airtel DTH number and proceed to check account balance and payment options. You can recharge via Airtel Payments Bank, or debit/credit cards, or net banking.
  • The DTH recharge is processed at once. The app generates the acknowledgement for the recharge and you get an SMS alert ratifying the transaction.

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