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family plan work

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Airtel has the perfect solution to the problem of several postpaid plans in the family, each with their own bills. Get on board with the best postpaid plan in Delhi – and the entire family is invited!

Families are the best things to happen to a person. Your family is familiar with all your foibles, your moods and what makes you laugh. Families have a shared history of jokes, sad and happy events, major milestones and scores of moments that make you laugh, fight with each other, make up and carry on.

But sometimes, the burden of responsibility can become a tad bit much for you! Though it seems like nothing, being responsible for certain aspects of the family’s welfare can irritate and amuse you by turns. A good example of this is paying the entire family’s phone bills, which you must do diligently every month.

All in the family!

You are probably tasked with paying the entire family’s phone bills. This can be a big bother, but not if you and your family members are Airtel users.

Your parents, especially, come to you when they want to pay their bill, or want to look at new postpaid plans in Delhi, or even need a new app downloaded on their phones. It’s a necessary chore that you do every month – because till now, you didn’t really have an option to refuse!

But today, Airtel has not only the best postpaid plans in Delhi, it also invites your entire family along for the ride! Airtel is the only service provider to offer a family postpaid plan – this means that all the different plans in the family are linked to one account!

How does the family plan work?

family plan work

Take a look at the illustration below to get an idea of how the Airtel family plan works:

This is why you should avail of the family plan, for the following features:

  • All members of the family having Airtel numbers are covered under one single plan. This means that plan management is simple and to the point – there is no longer any hassle of looking at and managing different plans for different family members.
  • The Airtel family plan lets you share the Internet data postpaid plan in Delhi with the entire family.
  • That’s not all – you can track each person’s usage, and also set a limit on each person’s data use.
  • You get a single bill and you have to make only one payment – and every family member is covered!
  • Just one postpaid plan covers the whole family and also gives you savings of up to 20% per month.
  • You can add each family member for just Rs 299 per month.

If you are interested in getting the family postpaid plan in Delhi, just follow the steps mentioned in the illustration blow:

Once activated, Airtel will send you an SMS alerting you about the activation. You and your family members are now enrolled in the best family postpaid plan in Delhi! It’s easy, quick and convenient.

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