Agumbe – A Tropical Getaway

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One of Karnataka’s hidden treasures, Agumbe sits perched in the Western Ghats near Shimoga district. The iconic series Malgudi Days was shot in these picturesque hills. The town is a hotbed of conservation efforts and nature research and the rainforest is home to many rare species of flora and fauna.

Agumbe is also famous as a place which receives very high rainfall and is slowly becoming a hot destination for those bitten by the travel bug. November to January is a great time to visit Agumbe but it can be considered an all-year destination, especially for those who want to experience the rains.

How to Get There

Agumbe is a seven-hour drive away from Bangalore via the NH75, a scenic journey as you climb from the Deccan heartland into the lush mountains. There are many Bangalore taxi services that provide a comfortable ride for this trip.

Spot the Waterfalls

Spot the Waterfalls

Agumbe is the land of gushing waterfalls punctuating the misty valleys. A trek into the forest is a great way to see these magnificent falls up close and there are also many viewpoints from where one can capture the sight. Some of the very well-known waterfalls in Agumbe are Barkana Falls, one of the highest in India, Onake Abbi falls, which requires a 5-km trek to reach, and the scenic Koodlu Theertha falls.

Explore the Outdoors

If you are into nature photography then make sure you bring your lenses to Agumbe. From sprawling panoramic vistas to rare reptilian and amphibian species, there is a palette of colours ready to explode for the keen observer.

Trekking is another favoured activity in these forests. Make sure that you are accompanied by a guide when you venture into the forests. Narasimha Parvata is a summit that is more than a thousand metres high and offers many popular trekking routes. You will be greeted by views of the surrounding valleys when you complete the trek.

There are plenty of camping sites on the peak and you will also be rewarded with spectacular sunset views. When in Agumbe make sure you spend some time at the Sunset Point, where on clear days you can see all the way to the Arabian Sea.

Cuisine and Lodging

A day of exploration always increases the appetite. You can enjoy local and regional delicacies in Agumbe – some of the popular restaurants include Padiyar’s Hotel, Swathi Restaurant and Dodda Mane. Agumbe does not have any major hotels but there are smaller guest houses where you can stay. Visitors can also choose accommodation in nearby towns like Hassan or Chikmagalur.

Rainforest Research

Agumbe is a treasure trove for botanists and biologists. In 2005, the famed herpetologist, Romulus Whitaker, set up a research station to document and study the myriad species of the region. This privately run base has a core focus on protecting the habitat of the King cobra, one of the most famous species found in Agumbe. Some of the other snake species found in this neck of the woods include the Malabar pit viper and hump-nosed viper.

Agumbe offers a stage for beautiful memories with friends and family. For large groups, you can arrange comfortable Innova cabs in Bangalore for a lovely drive across the state. Agumbe also offers tranquillity and peace to those who seek solitude. Glorious views, crisp mountain air and cosy campfires await in this corner of the Ghats. Start making your road trip plans, book a cab now.

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