3 easy ways to get rid of back pain

how to get rid of back pain

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Life is tough enough without having to battle constant stress and pain in the body. Most pains and aches are the result of everyday stress, overwork and inadequate rest. They result in minor pains in the back, and these can be quite annoying and sometimes sharp enough to make sitting or standing really difficult.

However, daily aches and pains in the back can be a thing of the past if you take preventive steps against them. The good news is, you don’t need to follow any rigorous treatment protocols. This is how you can get rid of back pain, in three easy steps:

1 Go to bed. This seems like the best idea in the world, and it is, at least when it comes to pain relief. The body is able to heal itself better when it is at rest, uninterrupted by physical activity and mental stress. If you have a painful muscle or joint in the back, which is seemingly minor in nature, aim to rest the painful area as much as possible. In fact, take to your bed with a book or watch a movie while you keep the back completely horizontal. Getting seven to eight hours of sleep will also considerably relieve the pain and soreness.

2 Apply a hot compress or cold pack. If you have strained your back, it is liable to cause a swelling. You can reduce the swelling with an ice pack. Use a special bag (inside which you can fill the ice cubes) or just take a towel and place some ice cubes inside it. Apply the pack to the swollen and painful muscles for at least 10 minutes, thrice a day. However, if you suffer from muscle cramps or spasms, or if you have a painful spine, a hot compress is better. Do not apply either the hot compress directly to the skin – keep a thin fabric in between the skin and the compress or you might suffer burns.

3 Apply a pain relief cream. Sometimes, the best way to deal with a painful lower back, or stiff shoulders, or a painful portion in the back, is to give it the expert treatment. No, we don’t mean that you should call in the doctor just yet. Instead, you can opt for the first line of defence before you need a doctor – grab a pain relief cream or spray and use it as directed. It is a good idea to apply a hot compress first, so as to loosen the muscles and prepare the tissues. Once you have applied the hot compress, you can then proceed to apply the pain relief cream on the back. After a few hours, you will feel as good as new.

We hope you now know how to get rid of back pain – it’s easy enough if you take quick measures!


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