Your Car Is Dirty! Seven Tips to Keeping It Clean

Your Car Is Dirty! Seven Tips to Keeping It Clean

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Car is one of the most valued assets that most of us own.Every car owner knows very well that their vehicles can turn out to be messy, especially when kids are on-board regularly. No matter what you do, it always ends up in a mess. We’ve all been there. We do everything to keep it clean. We dust it, wash it, usecar perfumes, and what not? If you want to keep your car clean at all times, here are few tips you can follow. With these brilliant tips, you are ready to hit the street in your fully organized, neat looking car.

1.Install a Car Air Purifier

All the cleaning and maintenance will be of no use if the air inside the car is unsuitable for breathing. Install a car air purifier to improve the quality of air in your car’s cabin. Even when you are driving through heavy traffic, you can be assured of breathing in pure air without any concern about the pollution outside.

Car air purifierskeep the air inside the car clean and eliminate any dirt and grime that enters from outside. Keep your car pollution-free and enjoy a happy ride.

  1. Use Baby Wipes for Cleaning Instead of Auto Wipes

Cleaning your car doesn’t always have to be expensive, right? You can use baby wipes to clean all the dirt and dust that gather on the surfaces. These are inexpensive and will serve the same purpose as expensive auto wipes.

  1. Clean the Carpets Regularly

Clean all the dirt and empty packets that keep lying down on the floor of the car. Regularly vacuum your car and floor carpet to remove all the dirt that is not visible to the naked eye.

  1. Vacuum Clean the Car

If you think that it is only the carpet that needs cleaning, think again! The interior of the car including seats, seat covers and floorneed to be vacuumed regularly.

  1. Do Not Ignore the Cup Holders

The cup holders are probably the most ignored part of the car. Dip some cotton in a cleaning solution and scrub the inside of the cup holders till all the grime and stickiness is washed off. After you are done with cleaning, place ceramic coasters at the bottom of the cup holder of your car. They absorb all the condensation from the cups.

  1. Do Not Undermine the Importance ofa Trash Can ina Car

A trash cannot only keeps your clean, but also makes it easy for you to speed up the cleaning process. If a trash can seems too much, simply keep a plastic bag or just some plastic container in the car where you can throw all the trash.

  1. Keep the Windows Clean

Car cleaners can be pretty expensive. You can use a window cleaner at home that is as effective as any high-end cleaner. Mix water, alcohol and vinegar in a spray bottle and you’re good to go with your DIY window cleaner!

It doesn’t take much effort to keep the car clean, but just a little awareness goes a long way! Follow these tips to ensure that your car is spick and span always.

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