Why offline coaching is not anymore required to crack SBI PO Exams?

offline coaching is not anymore required to crack SBI PO Exams

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Gone are the days when students had ample time at hand to sit, ponder over their available opportunities, and then finalize on one career option. Those were the golden days when the job market was devoid of cut-throat competition. Now a day, lakhs of candidates pass out from several colleges at the end of each academic year. The recent inflation in America has struck fear in the hearts of all those who work in the private sector. Even the candidates who earn lakhs on a monthly basis are not sure about the security of their jobs. The government sector, on the other hand, offers job security, pays well and also has regular scope for promotion. Thus, more and more individuals are trying to bag a government job.

The banking sector also enjoys similar privileges. If there is one bank, that commands respect over the other, it has to be State Bank of India. Every person who desires to work in the banking sector, dreams of getting a job in this organization. But the dream only turns into a reality for some. Young students and professionals are conscious about their career and plan for it in advance. They are aware of the importance of getting extra coaching to crack the SBI PO Exams. But most get confused when it comes to selecting the type of coaching center. Earlier, there was only one option – traditional coaching classes. With time, technology advanced, and paved the way for online competitive preparatory courses as well.

Offline coaching centers do more harm than good

  1. One cannot deny that classroom coaching has several advantages. In recent times, it has lost its position. Students who are not serious about the course will not score good marks in the SBI PO Exams. They may develop a feeling that as they are under constant guidance, they can indulge in entertainment.
  2. Candidates often fail to realize that cracking the bank provisional officer exam is not easy. One wrong answer can throw them out of the race. Plus, the teachers will not wait for you to catch up with the other in the class. They will switch over to the other chapter as soon as possible. In case the candidates do not do his/her homework well, these classes will not produce any satisfactory results.
  3. Not all students have the same merit. Some are good in maths and GI, while others need to put in extra work. The teachers will not ask each candidate separately. Many students are conscious and do not feel comfortable to ask questions time and again. The offline classes will do great harm to these candidates. First, they will not get a good understanding of the subject. Second, depression might set in as they see that everyone around him/her have understood the topic, but him/her.
  4. These classes contain a minimum of 30 candidates. Reputed coaching centers have classrooms big enough to accommodate 50 to 80 students. It becomes impossible for the instructors to pay attention to each student, no matter how hard he/she tries.

These reasons highlight why offline coaching is on the verge of losing its importance, at least for the “digital generation.” But before you pick the online classes, you must consider specific points. If you are not enough self-motivated, hardworking, and require the constant external force to push you towards your goal, then this new age learning tool is not appropriate for you. In that case, traditional classroom coaching will do wonders for you. In the end, it all boils down to how soon you succeed in cracking the SBI PO Exams or not.

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