What Items are Banned in Flight Hand Baggage?

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Your hand baggage can be of great assistance to you when flying on a domestic route or on a small journey like taking flights from Chennai to Coimbatore. You can avoid long queues related to the check-in of your suitcases upon departure and then wait to retrieve it from the destination’s baggage carousel. However, here you need to keep in mind that you cannot carry everything and anything in the hand baggage.

Airlines such as Go Air have specific policies in place for the check-in of hand baggage by the passenger to stash in the overhead compartment. The general rule by Go Air is that every passenger can carry one piece of luggage which should be less than 10 kgs in weight. In terms of dimension, it cannot exceed 115 cm. You can get contact information here if you still need to enquire about what items can be carried in your hand baggage.

Why are certain items banned?

As a general rule, any object that can be used to harm anyone or yourself on the plane is immediately disallowed by the airline. Some of the items that are banned by all major airlines such as Air India and Go Air include pre-defined sporting goods, liquids, chemicals or sharp objects. It is clear that carrying such restricted or banned items will increase your time taken to do the check-in on the flight and cause a lot of inconveniences. Hence it is better to be aware than face the nuisances.

Let’s check out the comprehensive list and be aware of what is disallowed in hand baggage:

  1. Any personal items – More than one lighter, scissors and gas burners. Some airlines like Go Air will also restrict the addition of a realistic toy or replica of a weapon in your hand baggage
  2. Any sharp objects – Ice picks, meat cleavers, daggers, knives, razors, sabres, swords or box cutters
  3. Any sporting goods – cricket bats, golf clubs, bows and arrows or ski poles
  4. Any of the tools – hatchets, axes, saws, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, hammers or drills
  5. Any infectious substances – like live virus, weed killers or insecticides
  6. Any oxidizing materials – like peroxide
  7. Any form of radioactive materials
  8. Any flammable materials – like lighter liquid, gas torches, kerosene, petrol, aerosol, matches and turpentine.
  9. Any compressed gases – like butane, hydrogen, nitrogen or oxygen
  10. Any firearms – guns, pistols, revolvers, ammunition, air guns, pellet guns or sports starter pistols.
  11. Any corrosives – like wet cell batteries, acids, alkalis or drain cleaners

For water and other clear liquid, every passenger is allowed to carry only 1-litre maximum. This too should be put in transparent, re-sealable plastic bag. Only 1 such bag is permitted per passenger on the flight.

For your flights from Chennai to Coimbatore, make sure that these banned items aren’t a part of your hand baggage. This way, your check-in will be faster and security checks will be sans any hassles.

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