What is an open marriage and is it acceptable?

What is an open marriage

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Have you ever heard of the term “open marriage”? Nowadays, such a marriage is a common thing and it is considered as something normal. It is about a relationship in which two people admit to sexual freedom without limitation, and that their partner does not consider them to be dishonest. In other words, they are the people who love each other, but they are quite okay to sleep around with other people and do not feel they will endanger their marriage. Would you ever agree to it? Isn’t that just too much? Why do these people even get married? Feel free to browse our website today to find out more.

Today, many believe that monogamy is unnatural and leads only to dissatisfaction, since someone will be deceived.


People in such relationships claim to be emotionally loyal to their partner and not to lie. And they do not lie to themselves. Their partner is the love of their life, but they sometimes need to experience something else.

Variations on the subject

There are many different types of open marriages. Some couples do not allow each other to sleep twice with the same person so that they will not fall in love and this will ruin their relationship. They often do not allow sleeping with people they both know, having sex with others in their bed…

There are also those who allow their partners to fall in love, and they believe in “polyamory”, so-called free love. Yet, this is a very common thing too. But why do these people complicate things and complicate their lives and the lives of other people?

What should you know before joining such a relationship / marriage?

You should know yourself well – whether you are open enough, how much would this hurt you,  knowing that your husband is sleeping with someone else, whether you would fall in love with one another very soon, whether you would face a bad environment and whether you would meet someone else and fall in love and leave your husband… On the other hand, they say that what is forbidden is much more interesting. Would you be fine with that? Can you sleep at night knowing that your husband is having a relationship with other women?

As the family evolves, human relationships are evolving in it too, and people are seeking other solutions, since every other “ordinary” marriage ends with divorce.

Do you consider this type of relationship normal? It is important to carefully think about it before entering into something like that because it can turn your whole life upside down. You might think that you can handle it, but once you experience it, it might bring you feelings that you never knew existed in you. This is only for brave people who can handle all kinds of situations and people who’ve been through a lot.

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