Understanding the Inner Healing Session


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Everyone experiences hard times, troubles, setbacks, failures and disappointments. Most of the individuals who experience such types of trauma tend to store those negative emotions in their physical being. These emotions have the tendency of triggering people and this is when they react in ways that are not rational or expected. At times these same issues can delay them from moving forward as they are subconsciously damaging their own progress towards the things that they desire the most.

Most of the times, people are able to work through these types of problems on their own. But, at times, things get trapped and they require a slight help to step forward into the next level of independence and peace. This is when the inner healing sessions can be of great help as it can help in getting rid of the problems and give access to happiness, joy and peace.

About Inner Healing

Inner Healing is an umbrella term that includes an area that has not been addressed by more conventional methods. People are learning increasingly about the inner-connectedness of beings which include body, mind, soul, spirit, and emotions. The thing that is becoming clear is that many times physical complaints are the result of spiritual and emotional problems. It has been proven that as people find that they have become healed of their spiritual and emotional wounds, their physical problems also diminish.

About Inner Healing session

The session is started with prayer, asking God to direct the session, as only He actually knows what needs to be addressed and how that will bring about the best healing. The practitioner then follows God’s direction all through the session by bringing increased wholeness and healing to the required areas by utilizing various tools. As prayer forms the basis of the session, a will to receive prayer in this way is essential. A session is the relationship between the person, God, and practitioner. The individuals are encouraged to ask questions all through the session if there is anything that is not clear.

Splankna Therapy

This therapy is the first Christian procedure for energy psychology. Energy psychology uses the same system in the body that chiropractic and acupuncture are based on to ease emotional trauma that is stored within the human body. This protocol includes elements from three different energy psychology protocols that include Neuro-Emotional Technique, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing or EMDR and Thought Field Therapy. Moreover, this therapy also integrates prayer as a vital part of every session.

In the Healing Protocol session in Splankna Therapy Institute, the practitioners ask God to disclose the significant promise or untruth that the client has accepted in combination with the recognized distress. The practitioners then assist the client in asking for forgiveness of those promises and breaking agreement. In this way, every effort is made to solve the symptom from every viewpoint that is emotionally, spiritually as well as physically.

So, it can be said that inner healing is the process of freeing the emotional baggage that people accrue all through their lives.

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