Twin Coast Discovery: Roadtrip Highlights

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One of the most legendary road trips in the world is New Zealand’s Twin Coast discovery route. This stretch covers hundreds of miles of unspoiled coastline including many wild beaches and coves, bays and inlets, and a variety of islands all set within this region’s natural splendour. Anyone on a campervan hire new zealand journey along this route will be awed by the water views, entertained in the cities and towns lining the route, and get to engage in a wide variety of outdoor activities from rafting to epic hiking opportunities. Plus there are a number of hidden gems along the way that truly make this route one of the greatest in the world.


The largest and most exciting city in New Zealand is the perfect place to begin your route since it sits right on the beginning of the trail. This city really has it all when it comes to urban excitement. There is a bustling, hip vibe to every neighborhood with lots of great shopping to be had, not to mention a wide variety of restaurants and food trucks serving up cutting edge and highly rated meals. This is also a spectacular city for sightseeing with stunning architecture, water views, and gorgeous sunsets. There is plenty of nightlife as well, including many bars and establishments open late. Overall this is a thriving urban environment and the perfect introduction to the vibe of the north.


​Just outside of Auckland you start getting into some of the coastal scenery that this area is truly known for. Enjoy the impressive views as you leave the city limits, explore some of the coves and wild beaches along the way, and overall just enjoy your journey into this wondrous and scenic region. When you reach Whangarei you can check out the Hatea River Walkway and the city’s many waterfront parks. Along the marina there are a wide assortment of cafes and restaurants that are perfect to stop off and get yourself a nice bite while watching the sunset. After dark there are an impressive amount of bars and entertainment on offer as well.


This will take you right into the legendary Bay of Islands, where the diving and snorkeling is some of the best to be had anywhere in the world. This truly is a tropical paradise, with long expanses of water views, lush forests, and dozens of beach spots welcoming for long beach days. There are also a variety of great hiking trails in the region where you can get out into the truly stunning beauty of this land and experience it firsthand. This is what taking a campervan hire new zealand journey is all about, and this region will put you right where you want to be to experience the stunning nature of the north lands.​

Russell Road

This stretch of roadway will take you deeper into the incredible Bay of Islands region. There are a variety of remote campsites in this region that you would be advised to take advantage of if you plan on camping out in the area. The waterways that make up the Bay of Islands contain more than 150 mostly undeveloped islands. Island hopping in this region is an absolute must, so make sure to head out on a boat tour that allows you to do so. You truly won’t regret it.​


This is one of the most magnificent regions along the route and the perfect place to winf down your journey. There are a great many marine tours in the area that you would be wise to take advantage of at least one when you’re in the area. Also don’t forget about all of the parasailing, waterboarding, diving, swimming, and kayaking available here in this tropical paradise. This is also what many consider to be the birthplace of the nation, and there indigenous spirit is on full display with a number of fascinating museums and sites in the area. Also don’t forget to check out the perfect photo op at Harura Falls where the majestic cascading water has a stunning visual effect as seen on countless postcards and travel brochures. Needless to say, this is really the center of the region and the place you will want to spend the most time on your trip.

A campervan hire new zealand journey on new Zealand’s north coast Road of Discovery is a dream journey that many thousands of fellow travelers have embarked on and raved about for many decades. If you want to experience the tropical splendour, great towns and cities, and variety of amazing sights and activities in the region that can’t be found anywhere else, then this route should certainly be on your bucket list. There are many different routes to choose from  so make sure you plan your journey according to your tastes, but do make sure to have these locations on your list since they are definitely the highlights.

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