Tips for Excelling in Your Practical Driving Test

Tips for Excelling in Your Practical Driving Test

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As a human being, your body will naturally react whenever you expose it to something that is unacceptable or unusual. One of such instances is the driving test as it has become a source of headaches to many people. Between the theory and practical driving test, any small mistake can act against you and lead to failure. Here are some of the mistakes that drivers make in the practical driving test.

  • Calm Down

This is your big day and you have no choice but to pass your driving test. However, you will not help in anyway if you overthink or worry. Make sure you calm down all your nerves. This could be the most challenging step and the fear of failure emanates when you begin to take everything on yourself. You can eradicate this mistake by knowing when you are ready to go for the test and have nothing negative that will remind you about failure in your mind.

  • Understand the Road signs

As a driver, you will panic if you come across a traffic sign during your practical test and you fail to act appropriately. Most of them end up taking a lot of time to react, drive badly, or hesitate to take the necessary action. All these are reasons for failure and you need to understand all the road signs before you book theory test. The instructor pays a lot of attention on the time you take to react to a road sign.

  • Approaching Junctions and Roundabouts

You can easily screw up or course an accident at this point if you have not yet overcome the fear of failure. Close to 24 percent of drivers in the United Kingdom failed the practical test in September 2017 because they did not drive well at the roundabouts and junctions. You need to pay a lot of attention to the road that is connecting the junction. If you are moving from the left side to the right around a junction, it is very easy to focus on going from the left to right and keep the car off the road.

  • Deceleration and Acceleration

Speed test is key now that you have already passed your theory test. You must familiarize yourself with the speed. Some drivers fail because they instantly push the acceleration pedal and hence hitting the bump. You should also not decelerate the car instantly once you spot a dog, traffic signal or pedestrian. Sudden use of the acceleration pedal will surely fail you and you need to gently accelerate or decelerate the pedal as you control the speed. Remember you have come for a test and you need to pass.

  • Less memorizing and More Reasoning

There is a very big difference between theory and practical driving tests. Practical testing is more about implementing what you learnt in theory. Therefore, this is not the time to remember all the points, or parking, or stopping as you now need to implement them. Don’t waste time recalling everything that you learnt during the theory but stick to the application of what you learnt. Ask your instructor as many questions as you can and they will joyfully answer all of them. However, make sure all the questions you ask are sensible and add value to your knowledge.

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