The Top 3 Chefs To Follow On Social Media

Top 3 Chefs To Follow On Social Media

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Everyone needs a bit of inspiration in their cooking, whether that is in the form of cook books, family recipes or tv cookery programs. Have you ever looked at your weekly meal plan and felt an overwhelming sense of boredom? Fear not, masterful chef to-be, we have the perfect antidote. So, get your ingredients together, your weekly airtight food containers, open up Instagram and get following!

One often overlooked source of cooking wizardry is social media – most tv chefs these days have prolific social media accounts showing off some stunning dishes. Whether or not the chefs are actually cooking and posting these images, or it is the work of their public relations team, we will leave for you to decide. It does not make the food look any less delicious, however. So, without further ado, here is our top 3 list of must follow, celebrity chefs on social media.

  1. Jamie Oliver

With over 6 million followers on Instagram, it was always going to be the original naked chef topping our list. He posts everything from top dishes and cracking restaurants, to incredibly endearing family photos – as if we did not already love him enough!

  1. Magnus Faviken

Magnus may be a little out of left field when compared to the TV behemoth that is Jamie Oliver – but he is no less worth a follow. Magnus keeps us updated as he travails Nordic scenery looking for delicious meet and vegetation to harvest. On top of the quirky activity that you are unlikely to see anyone else, Magnus is quite the accomplished photographer and really excels himself at capturing the moment as we get stunning glimpses into the day to day life of he and his family.

  1. Dominique Crenn

Last year, Dom Crenn was voted the worlds best female chef (we are not sure why there is a need to split genders in such an industry, but they are not our rankings!), making her the perfect number 3 for our list. Dominique’s Instagram is full of wonders, follow along for her behind the scenes snaps of Crenn restaurants, shoulder rubbing with A listers and of course, absolutely divine dishes that will have you salivating at the thought of them – if that does not get your creative culinary juices flowing, nothing will!

Who are your favourite social media chefs to follow, and who would make your top 3? Let us know in the comments.

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