Televisions To Look Out For In 2018


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Television manufacturers saw business as usual in 2017, but big changes in the world of viewing are on the horizon for 2018. With a rising demand for smart TV’s, those functions are now mandatory for future TV shoppers. Not only are the majority of TV’s purchased in the US already equipped with smart features, most users are now connection them and using them to stream video. Televisions of 2018 must be prepared to handle streaming media, applications and the support of a variety of delivery platforms. They will also be finding a new twist to the old looks and present features not found in televisions of the past.

Thin Is In

The big names in the television industry that will be rolling out their flagships for 2018 are LG, Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic. The TVs they will be unveiling are going to be ridiculously thin. The LG Signature OLED TV W. is a 65-inch model that is a mere 2.57 millimeters thin. Compare this to an iPhone 7 which is 7.1 millimeters. This LG is slightly thicker than 3 credit cards stacked together. This light-weight, ultra thin model can be mounted to a wall with magnets, giving it the illusion of floating in place.

While all brands of televisions arriving on the market will not be this thin, the technology that will be emerging is an OLED or an organic light-emitting diode which will provide incredible lighting due to the sensitivity of the individual pixels. TVs with this technology will not require a backlight as did the standard LED or LCD televisions. For those willing to pay the big bucks, however, you will be able to purchase a TV that is so thin, it looks like wallpaper.

New Spins on TVs

Sony will be coming back with the XBRA-A1E Bravia. While it is still a ridiculously thin OLED screen, it has a kickstand on the back of the TV. It can’t be mounted to a wall. Another feature to watch out for on your new TVs for 2018 will be the lack of visible speakers. LG Display and Sony are rolling out TVs that have speakers mounted behind their screens. These manufacturers promise that no amount of bass will make the TVs shake and the positioning of the speakers allow for a better sound quality. This technology resonates sound through the entire TV screen rather than from the tiny speakers tucked into the bottom of the TV bezel.

Samsung will be presenting the QLED (Q is for quantum dot) that is supposed to surpass the technology of the OLED screen. What is most interesting is that this television will look more like a piece of furniture than a TV. The Samsung Lifestyle TV looks like a framed picture and will work like a regular television. When it is not playing your favorite movie or TV show, it will display photos or works of art. The Samsung Serif is reminiscent of a mid-century modern piece of furniture, creating a television that can be admired as décor rather than disappearing into a wall.

8K Is On the Way

Just as you were getting used to 4K television, prepare for the arrival of 8K images. 8K TVs may be on sale by CES as soon as January of 2018. What you can expect from a television with 8K resolution is the clearest picture you are ever likely to see. This technology has four times more pixels than the 4K images you thought were so incredible. The reason for the name 8K is because the images are approximately 8,000 pixels wide. It has been called 8K Super Hi-Vision when it was invented in 2000, then branded in 2012.

There is no definite time frame for the arrival of the 8K television and the availability will depend on the 8K content. LG displayed a 98 inch 8K television at CES in 2016. CES 2017, Samsung presented a 65 and 98-inch examples of its 8K new QLED line-up of LCD TVs.

Smart TV Features for 2018

Get a preview of what your TV can do in 2018 from sites such as Hisense, where you can find the best TV for your home. If high-quality viewing is your priority, you can choose a television with Ultra HD that has performance levels for a resolution that is 4 times sharper than HD. They come with Wide Color Spectrum ranges for the most realistic colors and are equipped with immersive audio for multi-dimensional sound quality.

Smart TV’s such as those from VIDAA U take user interface to a whole new level. The one-dimensional ribbon design allows users to fully customize the sources and apps they want to use from a single screen. These TVs can connect to any external devices giving users a quick and intuitive viewing experience.

Netflix is the world’s most popular subscription for watching TV shows and movies. Your next TV can be equipped with Netflix so members and instantly stream what you want to watch directly to your TV. Combine these smart features with PureColor Reproduction and watch as the colors and objects are displayed with superior clarity and brilliance. Images will be so captivating that you won’t want to leave your living room.

Your TV Your Way in 2018

Be prepared for the standards of television to rise to a new level in 2018. Features such as 2160p (4K) resolution with HDR will be the new norm instead of the latest technology. Be on the lookout for QLED TV which features Quantum Dot technology. Your new TV should be equipped with Smart Hub technology and include an integrated web browser. Innovations in TV quality for 2018 will allow you to experience over a billion color shades for ultimate picture quality. The days of multiple remotes are gone. You should now be able to speak to your TV to find what you want to watch and at the very least, have one remote for integrating your smart television watching experience.

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