Surgery or Osteopathic Treatment for Back Pain

Osteopath back pain

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This is a question that is asked by the majority of the people across the globe, especially those who are suffering from chronic back pain and are looking forwards to getting permanent solutions.

Between the vertebrae is located the intervertebral discs, which tend to act as body shock absorbers, holding together the vertebrae and allowing the person to move freely. There is present an external fibrous, bony tissue called annulus fibrosis in each of the discs. Within it is located the nucleus pulposus, a clear jelly type substance. If the spinal disc is ruptured or herniated, the nucleus pulposus starts to leak it. If outer annulus fibrosis gets ruptured, then the body is likely to release inflammatory chemical, resulting in severe pain. Usually, disc herniation is caused due to continuous wear and tear.

Where can disc get injured in the spine column?

There can be an injury to any spinal disc due to traumatic injury or overuse. But, it is the lumbar vertebrae that are prone to get injured quickly and often since it bears the majority of the weight. When used intensively, the cervical discs can be injured. However, the discs located within the thoracic region can face injuries due to active sports or accidents.

Disc injury symptoms

Disc pain symptoms are likely to vary from patient to patient. Persistent achy pain within the affected region is the commonly noticed symptom. The sensation of needles and pins can be experienced by people facing cervical disc injuries within their limbs, especially the fingers and arms. Those facing lumbar disc injuries could experience the same in their feet and legs. Thoracic disc injured people could face numbness patches or tingling sensation in their back.

How was disc injury caused?

The injury could take place due to forceful movement in the spine or neck region. Probably, the person must have tried to lift any heavy object or bent at odd angles. Falls, sports injuries and car accidents can also cause disc injuries. The disc might naturally degenerate in the elderly, thus causing disc pathology.

Duration of back pain

No perfect answer is present for this question. Long term relief can be achieved if the condition is diagnosed and treated immediately. Only a few treatments will be required. But the injury extent also determines the prognosis. The longer the back pain is experienced, the much longer will it take for successful treatment.

Osteopath back pain treatment

Osteopathy is considered to be a globally popularly followed manual medicine form to help the musculoskeletal system. It also can assist in providing relief to local spasms and inflammation in the muscle region. However, in extreme cases, it may work towards realigning the spine as well as eliminate postural issues which could affect the injured region.

The osteopath can provide specific strengthening exercises for improving the spine’s strength to foster recovery.

Can surgery help?

Surgery is considered to be invasive, striving to come up with permanent changes. There could be risks involved and hence, this form of treatment should be the last option to be availed.

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