Stylish and comfortable nightwear to help you get the best sleep

Stylish and comfortable nightwear

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The importance of getting a good slumber cannot be emphasised more at a time when we are so busy chasing our dreams that we rarely get time to rest. Hence, getting a good night’s sleep is more important than ever. But when it comes to getting a peaceful sleep just scheduling strict bed timing is not enough. Apart from creating the perfect ambience a lot more depends on what are we wearing to bed. Yes, our nightwear can decide a great deal on our sleep quality. Most of the women prefer wearing nighties or pyjamas to sleep. No doubt they are comfortable but there exist a whole range nightwear online that will not only help you get a sound and peaceful sleep but also shed your boring image.

Recently the sleepwear section is enjoying a boost and some of the top lingerie brands are working hard to come up with new, stylish and sexy sleepwear specifically targeting Indian women that includes everybody from housewives, new moms, working ladies as well as college going girls. Some of the most common styles are:

  1. Onesie

Available in a variety of colours, prints and designs onesies are super cool option when it comes to finding the perfect sleep wear. They are comfortable and cosy and deserve a thumbs up for their cute look.

  1. Pyjamas

Pyjamas will always remain a favourite among ladies of all groups no matter what. They are extremely comfortable, versatile and yes can also be worn outside the bedroom. More importantly you can team different tees, tops, tank tops, camisoles etc. with them and stay cool and comfortable.

  1. Slip dresses

Slip dresses are the latest rage whether you are wearing them to sleep or outside. They are chic and comfortable and perfect to bring out the feminine in you. Just in case you have decided to give your go-to pyjamas some rest, here is your pick. Get them in fabrics such as silk and lace to feel special. Go for soft colours to bring a soothing effect or stick to bright ones such as red, pink to impress your partner and turn on the heat.

  1. Lingerie set

These days lingerie set have become very popular among fashionable ladies. So if you are looking forward to update your sleepwear collection with something cool, go for lingerie set in exciting colours and style. Go for sexy fits and style that suits your body shape. Wear them to bed after a long and tiring day to relax, feel fabulous and look gorgeous as you get ready to fall asleep. Lingerie sets are also great to bring on your seductive side. So if you have been planning for an intimate and exciting night with your partner, it’s time to update your lingerie collection with some cool and sexy pieces.

And even if you don’t have a partner there is a diva inside you that needs pampering every now and then. So gift yourself the best of lingerie set you can get hold of and snuggle in your bed looking ravishing. You can further try slipping into a baby doll dress and make a wow effect.

  1. Sleeping shirts

When it comes to picking sleepwear most of the time we don’t pay attention to it and become content with just anything. However wearing an ill fitted sleepwear will not only affect your sleep but is also harmful to your health and well being. Sleeping shirts come as a great choice as a sleepwear as it is extremely comfortable. Go for trendy pieces in exciting colours, prints and patterns and bring them to your wardrobe.

  1. Shorts set

After a long and tiring day your body and mind needs some rest and sleep comes as the best option to rejuvenate yourself. What you can do is to get yourself sleepwear which is comfortable and relaxing. A shorts set comes as the perfect choice as it is extremely versatile and comfy. It will keep you from sweating on those hot and humid days by allowing your body breathe some fresh air. Besides you can go for different combinations and add more variety to your sleepwear collection. For instance opt for fun colours or playful prints to bring some fun to your bed. Wear them with tees, tank tops, camisoles etc. and enjoy a good night’s sleep to wake up fresh and energetic.

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