Spectrum New Phone Plan & Troubleshooting Phone Network Error

Spectrum New Phone Plan & Troubleshooting Phone Network Error

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There is a good news for all those, who’re using Charter Spectrum phone service. Charter has finally launched its long-speculated Spectrum Mobile 4G LTE broadband service. The phone service will use Verizon’s phone network and Charter’s network for Wi-Fi hotspots. The part of customer service and plans will only be handled by Charter’s network.

So, Charter will use Verizon network, but what does that mean? Suppose, if you are using Wi-Fi within the reach of Spectrum network, then your phone will auto-connect with the Spectrum network. And, in case you’re outside the coverage area of Spectrum Wi-Fi network, then yourphone will connect to the Verizon network.

What’s For You?

Spectrum new plan is for the users, who need “unlimited data’ at a reasonable price. Let’s know what it offers?

Spectrum new phone plan is for those, who want to use unlimited data plan at a reasonable cost. Yes, it’s a budget-friendly plan that will give you 4G LTE mobile broadband service with free calling and texting for about 45 USD a month or you can choose to pay 14 USD for each gigabyte of data usage.Compare that to 35 USD for Verizon’s 2GB plan or 35 USD for AT&T’s 1 GB plan, Spectrum offer is much more better than the other available options.

The new Spectrum phone plan will offer you DVD-quality video streaming at 480pwith no extra charge to pay for HD streaming. This is better than Spectrum residential Internet plan, where you’ll need to pay extra 20 USD for new lines.

How to Report a Problem with Spectrum Phone Network?

If you have a problem with your Charter Spectrum phone network or any other of your Charter services, then there are majorly two ways to report the problem –you can use Charter live chat or talk directly to a customer service representative at Charter 24×7 customer service.
How to Get Connected to Charter Spectrum Customer Care Team?

Step 1

Simply, dial Charter Communication’s toll-free number to avail instant help. You only need to enter the 10-digit number from your Charter mobile.

Step 2

Follow the voice prompts, and press the number as told by the operator to solve the issues. For instance, you need to say “Phone Network” or press “3” for network problems.

Step 3

Just report your query when you are talking to the Spectrum’s customer service representative.

Step 4
You can also report the issue using Spectrum Live Chat service by simply entering a few details like your first name, last name, email and phone number of your Charter phone network account.

Step 5

Further, you need to select the type of problem you’ve with your Charter Spectrum phone network that you want to report and click on “Submit.”

Step 6

Once you’re done with the above steps, you will be notified when Charter representative will be available online.

Step 7

Just enter the problem you have in the chat box of chat window, and click on “Submit.” The Charter customer care team will assist you further in resolving issue.

In the End

Spectrum phone network provides much more than just you need to talk & text and all you want. Additionally, you get unlimited calling and data at reasonable price along with some of the best phone features.

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