Smartphones depicting your personality

Smartphones depicting your personality

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Everything we do and everything we use reflects our personality. The way we sleep, the way we eat, the clothes we wear and the thing we say; each and every aspect of our day to day activities and behavior is what makes us who we are. Smartphones, nowadays are considered to be a crucial part of our lives that also shares the same concept. The kind of smartphone we use can tell a lot about our attitude, choices and so. More than the brand, it’s the features that we prefer and the apps that we use reflects our personality. Let’s take a look at the features and the kind of people that might be related to it.

1) High on power: Battery is indeed the most important feature of any device. Without the juice, any machine is worthless. A good battery is what we need to perform all our daily tasks without any interruption. Any individual who owns a smartphone worth 4000-5000mAh battery is surely using his/her smartphone for heavy gaming and calling hours. This particular individual will be socialized and a social media fanatic.

2) Capture it all: Camera is a necessity these days. With the increase in social media, more and more people are reaching out to devices with a good camera quality. This could range anyone between 8MP to 13MP rear camera smartphones. Such individuals are highly active on social media or into some sort of photography.

3) Process everything faster: A good processor is what you need if you are someone who loves to multitask. A tech enthusiast is someone who will look for a processor driven smartphone as these are running engines of a smartphone. Another kind of people who prefer processor oriented smartphones are the ones who love to play games on their smartphones. Anything between a 1.3GHz to 1.8GHz processor would do.

4) Store it all: People who prefer a good internal storage are the ones who cling on to things. They are the ones who will keep all their memories stored on their smartphone even after years. Other kinds of people are the ones who love to use multiple apps. They are the ones who have an app for everything. From shopping to gym instructions, they will download each and every app that is out there even if they don’t use it. For such individuals, a 32GB internal storage device with an option to extend it with external SD slot is perfect.

5) The movie buffs: Display has now become the next most important aspect of any smartphone after battery. There are a number of options available in the market these days. Different compositions and features, combined together create an ideal display. Big View display, Corning Glass integration, a Bezel-less display is the kind of features people are looking for. There is only one kind that justifies this category and these are the movie and TV series enthusiasts. They know about every little theory behind the movie, they know about every new release, what TV series to watch, what character is going to die and so.

With that being said, different smartphones are targeting their potential buyers on the basis of such interests and traits. Their ultimate goal has now become to create a device that can target all different kind of personalities. As easy as it might sound, not all the brands are capable of providing all these features in one. There are a few brands that have managed to craft devices that has it all but such amenities come at a price. This is where most of the brands lack their customers.

Much to our comfort, there are a handful of brands that provide the same features at a very affordable price. To name a few, there is Oppo, with their latest F7 launch; then there is Panasonic India Smartphones who recently launched 3 different Big View display smartphones. Other brands worth mentioning are Vivo, Samsung and OnePlus.

Understanding the above-mentioned traits is very important for a brand to target their specific kind of audience. Only after knowing their audience brands can create devices in the interest of their users. This will not only increase their sales but will also provide a sense of personalization to the potential customers.

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