It ain’t easy getting steroids in NZ

It ain’t easy getting steroids in NZ

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Anabolic steroids are gaining a rise in popularity especially in the bodybuilding and athletic community. The results one can get in just a short amount of time is one of the factors why anabolic steroids are used. To the users, the benefits from using these anabolic steroids surely outweigh the risks involved in taking them. Though it might be tempting for you to try anabolic steroids, there are countries where these steroids are illegal and considered as controlled substances.

Popular anabolic steroids such as Deca Durabolin can be bought online and shipped to anywhere that doesn’t have strict laws regarding steroids. Now, the question you might want to ask is that are these steroids, especially Deca Durabolinapproved for sale in New Zealand? The answer is yes… if you have a prescription.

Black market transactions

Since the only way to get Deca Durabolin legally in New Zealand is with a prescription, and most physicians don’t really issue you a prescription if they know you are going to use if for athletics or bodybuilding, you are left with but one option, the black market. Bodybuilders usually turn to the black market if they are in a country with strict laws regarding steroid use. While some still use Deca for medical purposes to treat osteoporosis, including New Zealand, the use for bodybuilding is quite illegal.

Why is Deca so popular among these people?

By “these people” we mean bodybuilders and athletes alike. They prefer to use Deca since it helps them develop muscles after workouts. It is usually injected directly into the muscles you want to develop. Ouch!

It is a slow acting anabolic steroid that has longer lasting effects and results. These results can last a long time, provided you do the necessary maintenance.

It also heals select injuries, increases your strength significantly, helps you build muscle mass as well as a slim but toned muscular physique. These can be achieved when accompanied by a proper nutrition plan and dedication to training.

The search is on

If you have a prescription for it, you can definitely get your Deca Durabolin in New Zealand without the need to go searching online. If you don’t have any prescription, your (next) best bet is to buy it from reputable online stores and have it shipped to you. You can get the anabolic steroid at a decent price from countries like India, Canada, Mexico and Singapore since these places have more relaxed laws compared to the US and Australia.

Even when offered at a fairly high price of 12usd for every 50 mg, people still come flocking in to purchase the supplement.

Long term usage may lead to….

Using the steroid above the recommended dose for longer periods may give the users (especially women,) virilisation.  This might pose as a concern for women who use the steroid. Aside from this, users might also experience a lower sperm count as well as skin rashes and water retention.

All in all, though considered illegal in New Zealand, you can always buy the steroid online from some of the most reputable companies and manufacturers to make sure that you are receiving a legit package.


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