Interpret The Latest Fashion Trends Right

Interpret The Latest Fashion Trends Right

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If you are not good at the laws the world of modern fashion follows, making funny mistakes regarding stylish outfits becomes very common. In order not to look silly in situations like that, pay attention to the list of simple recommendations the experts of Cattifly provided. Here come the most important fashion tips for 2018:

  1. Dad sneakers. If someone says they can be worn with boyfriend or straight jeans only, don’t believe them. According to Cattifly, this year you will be able to combine the model of sneakers with various casual dresses. In case the party you are going to is quite democratic, you can even put them together with a very formal jacket. Limits are for those who are afraid of brave solutions. The only significant point here is you shouldn’t match dad sneakers with sheer socks and bright tights which are extremely welcomed in 2018. It will point to your bad taste.
  2. Velvet dress. Yes, you’ve got it right. Retro style is very widespread this year. Moreover, a lot of world-famous designers have presented remarkable collections of vintage-inspired clothes for 2018. What secret is not vivid about them? Please, remember you can wear a velvet dress with a huge necklace only to a retro party. Otherwise, the trendy outfit will turn into a strange one, not suitable for formal or casual events. The experts of Cattifly add: feel free to match a velvet dress with a fringed jacket, a wide hat and even boots. But let your favorite shining necklace wait for going out in other clothes.
  3. Sheer socks. What a great trend of the year! It helps to create many cute looks. But the guys from Cattifly say there is also a detail to pay attention to. Stylish sheer socks are a wonderful option for a wedding outfit or when combined with other dresses and skirts. However, shorts and pants, even if they are super fashionable, shouldn’t be worn together with transparent models of socks. It’smauvais ton.
  4. Statement earrings. Have you checked them? According to Cattifly, statement earrings are a must-have of 2018. They help to distract the eye from unpleasant asymmetry of the face. At the same time many women make a big mistake by combining them with clothes having multi-layer collars. The trick is good for extraordinary fashion shootings, but not for everyday use. Try to avoid such experiments when hurrying up to a party.
  5. Leopard print. Oh, this point has been called the most questionable trend of the year. The reason is simple: as soon as a very curvy woman wears clothes with the print, she gets almost upset in front of the mirror. And it’s not surprising. The experts of Cattifly explain: fashion trends are created by professionals, but we need to analyze them in a critical way to decide whether they are good or bad in each case. And leopard prints don’t make you look slimmer.

Do you understand now what stylish combinations to avoid in order to be considered a real fashion-lover?

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