How to Make Your Home Safe for Toddlers

Your Home Safe for Toddlers

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As a parent, you want to create a safe, easy-to-navigate space for your growing child. But if you live in a space that’s full of unexpected hazards, baby-proofing your home can feel like a huge project. When it comes to having a toddler who’s ready to get on their feet and explore, things can become even more challenging. Your seemingly safe home could be full of hazards without your even knowing it. Luckily, there are a number of products devoted to making the everyday features of your home more child-friendly. If you’re looking to babyproof your home, here are a few first steps.

Invest in a Great Baby Gate

Parents need to be able to have control over where their kids go and what spaces they can access, even when they’re not looking. For this task, there’s nothing better than a safe, secure baby gate that you can set up in any room of the house to prevent entry. The best extra tall gates for babies and toddlers are easily set up, easily moved, and can be adjusted to fit any entryway so that parents don’t have to worry about a gate that will fall apart easily or be unsafe for babies to interact with. Many of these models are quite affordable and can be easily traveled with for use on the go.

Cover the Sockets

Electrical sockets are a source of great fascination for kids. They’re also extremely dangerous. Even if you don’t have a particularly curious toddler, you’ll want to make sure you cover all of the electrical sockets in your house just in case. This goes for lower, easy-to-reach sockets as well as the ones that are located out of reach. When it comes to your kid’s safety, you simply want to have all your bases covered. You can purchase small plastic outlet covers online or at any hardware store. Some models are even created to camouflage right into the wall to prevent any possible tinkering or curiosity on a toddler’s part.

Do Away with Sharp Corners

Sharp corners are probably something you’ve never had to consider before in your home. Now that you have to babyproof every room, you realize they’re everywhere. Thankfully, this problem is easily solved with the purchase of some corner covers that will easily and safely turn every sharp corner in your home or apartment into a blunt edge. From coffee tables to kitchen tables to the bathtub faucet, you can find coverings for every edge in your home for maximum safety. If you have a glass table, you might want to go the extra mile and switch your non-tempered glass (which shatters easily) to tempered glass just in case of contact.

Use Cordless Blinds

Toddlers and babies love hanging objects, and hanging objects tend to present one of the greatest security risks to children under three. Your home window curtains and blinds might seem safe enough, but if they require a hanging cord to function, they’re presenting a huge safety hazard. Before your toddler starts exploring the house, switch to cordless blinds to play it absolutely safe.

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