How to Get Admission into the Top 10 Universities in the World?

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How do you get into the best universities in the world? The best universities in the world to say Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Caltech, MIT, and the sorts. To make your place in the world top universities, here’s what you do:

Demonstrate Academic Excellence: Get excellent GPA (Grade Point Average). The GPA won’t suffice and the authorities won’t come running to you. To be seriously considered for a seat in the great universities, you must have a score that falls within the top 10-15% of the class.

You still carry a chance to get admitted to the world top universities if you have other parts of the application which are very excellent. Consistently scoring good grades in schools shows you are a committed and a hard worker. Marks in every subject must be good and even if you have low scores in some cases of the school- you can explain it to the authorities at the world top universities in the essay that you do.

Get great scores on the SAT or Act and AP tests. Not every school provides 20 different tests of AP but score good on as many as you study in school. Take the exam of these great universities early on in your school time so that you stand the chance to retake if you don’t score well in any case. Check with the great universities their last date of application before the test has to be taken.     

Remarkable Extra-Curricular Activities: Participate in 2-4 different clubs to demonstrate your abilities to balance studies with the extra-curricular activities. If you really want to study at top 10 universities in the world, try becoming a leader in these clubs. Joining 5-6 clubs and doing average in each club won’t lead you anywhere.

When you start in small leadership roles, you will slowly make your way up through to the President. Any co-curricular activity such as literature, politics, debating, technology, acting or anything. Playing an instrument or playing some sport also helps in the admission to the great universities. You can indicate your zeal in different interests through spending summer vacations in pursuing something interesting like learning a foreign language or freelancing.

Volunteering in the community you belong to will show the world top universities that you care for the society at large and understand your responsibility to the world. Anything that is for the greater good will impress the top world universities in the world.      

Stellar Application: Write an essay on a topic that is important to you. Show to the best universities in the world that you have got what it takes to be there. The essay reflects your character and originality. Submit along evaluations from teachers stating that you are the school’s best student to be there at the top 10 universities in the world. Send to the best universities in the world and wait for your call for the interview from some of the great universities.

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