How to Find the Best Window Treatments for Bay Windows

the Best Window Treatments for Bay Windows

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If you’ve consulted your window buying guide, you’ll already be aware of the many virtues of bay windows in the home. They’re visually stunning, open your room up to the outside world, and pour in tons of natural light. The only thing better than a bay window as your living room centerpiece is a great bay window treatment that amplifies its naturally brilliant qualities. If you’re in the market for new ways to make your bay window shine, take a look at some of these window treatment options.

Dress It Up

A bay window is a great place for contemplation and relaxation. As such, it should be decorated in a way that allows for privacy and showiness depending on the mood. If you’re looking to call attention to your bay window, try installing some light drapes or curtains that can be adjusted to let in more or less light. If privacy is your concern, drapery panels or roman shades provide an elegant touch. Silk panels or a medieval-style valance at the top of your window can help block out the midday sun while keeping things cozy. If your bay window is the centerpiece of your bedroom, keep things intimate with silk drapes and gauze hangings. In an office or a small studio, help your bay windows give the space a cozy feeling by hanging a few plants nearby and letting others rest on the window sill.

Make It Cozy

For a bay window, coziness is the key. Whether you’re working with an older window that came with your home or trying to spruce up a room with a new treatment from Andersen window replacement, try tailoring your bay window to the space by employing a few basic practices. Installing a love seat is always an elegant way to use your bay window. If you’re thinking about building a seat or bench right beneath the window rather than purchasing a separate piece of furniture, take some time to consider the material and cushioning. Using a classic, understated material like light-stained wood with neutral pillows or cushions can help keep things cozy and refined. Another great option for larger spaces or living rooms is to keep a few antique chairs nearby for quiet discussions or home visits.

Give It Some Room

An important part of giving your window the best treatment possible is to remember to let it breathe. Don’t get too caught up in all the details. Sometimes, when you’re dealing with an already stunning piece of architecture, too many bright colors and patterns can too easily distract from the main event. When thinking about showcasing your bay window, let the natural light do all the work. Keeping things soft, spare, and classic will go a long way toward keeping your window treatment timeless and stylish. While some well-placed clutter can help maintain a cozy atmosphere, too much is likely to take the focus away from the beauty of the window.

Elevate With Color

When it comes to decorating, color is your best friend. However, before you can start seriously thinking about repainting or redecorating the space around your window, you have to take the time to consider the changing light through the seasons. A window placed higher up in the home tends to reflect a consistent view of the sky, and should be dressed with this in mind, using light colors and neutral silk drapes that complement the light of the morning sky. A window that’s placed closer to the street on the first or second level of the home will tend to see a lot more change throughout the seasons. Think about the quality of the light your window gives the room. Is it warm or cool? Does it tend to light up the whole room or just a small area? Are you trying to get more light out of your window or less? The answers to all these questions will point you in the right direction in terms of choosing a color scheme. If you’re not sure how to answer these questions, a professional at a hardware store or paint store should be able to help.

Give It Some Extra Love

No matter how you decide to dress your window, you should always keep a concise vision of your space in mind. What do you want the space to reflect, and how does your window fit into this scheme? Chances are, if you’re looking to open up a room or give it more light, your window could be doing more work with the help of some specialty blinds or drapes. When it comes to giving your window a new look, spend a bit of extra time thinking about the big picture and not just the smaller details.

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