How Bad Is Sugar For Our Health?

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 The foods that we use daily are not really the heathiest option because they endanger our health. Salty food causes high blood pressure over time. Pork fat was wrongly excluded from the menu because it is actually a lot healthier than salt and sugar. Dr Courtney holmberg is a naturopathic doctor located in Toronto that you can contact at any time.

Regardless of the constant warning about the harmfulness of sugar, white flour and salt, diet without these foods is unthinkable. Some experts even call them “three white deaths” because they cause severe consequences over the years.

Each of these foods has advantages and disadvantages. It is true that there are also some useful ingredients, but it has more negative effects than positive. Foods and drinks that contain a lot of sugar are known to significantly raise in the blood levels, leading to glycemia. This condition causes the secretion of a large amount of insulin, causing a sudden drop in sugar again. And then immediately there is a desire for a new amount of sweets, which is a vicious circle we are just not aware of that. This can lead to obesity and diabetes over time.

What are the consequences of too much sugar in the diet?

It has been confirmed that sugar reduces the activity of the immune system. In people who have too much sugar, white blood cells are even 40 percent less effective in killing bacteria. This condition occurs half an hour after consuming sweets and lasts up to four hours! In addition, all excess sugar is converted into fat leading to a high level of triglyceride, and triglycerides are, as it is known, a serious risk factor for the development of heart disease. Under the influence of large amounts of sugar, behavior changes can occur too, which can make the individual feel hyperactive. In fact, the level of adrenaline becomes 10 times higher than normal. During this period, aggression, reduced attention, difficulty learning can be detected in the child… The most vulnerable group is preschoolers because their brain is intensively developing. Sugar makes people extremely sensitive and males who have already been diagnosed with attention deficit will have a negative effect.

How too much salt affects the body?

There is a lot of controversy about this, and many schools recommend that salt intake should be limited, primarily because of the impact on blood pressure. Excessive amounts also lead to water retention in the body. This is particularly common in people who, drink a lot of fluids with salt foods and are physically inactive. However, it does not reflect this equally to all, as we are not all equally sensitive to this food. It depends on the health condition of the individual, but generally, these foods have a bad impact on the overall health of every human being and they should be avoided as much as possible.

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