How Can A Church Successfully Authorize Families To Love Each Other?

Home A Church Can Successfully Authorize Families to Love Each Other?

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Home church can successfully empower families to feel affection for each other. The home church can begin with one family and then add few more friends and relatives. It should persist to maintain small numbers for efficiency. The Divine Spirit works through relationships. God is not engrossed in large numbers. God is interested in persons.

The foremost family that God formed was Adam and Eve. They have two sons Cain and Abel. The first misunderstanding and fight begins here. The brothers bring present to the Lord. God rejects Cain and his offering. God accepts Abel and his offering. This is the reason behind the actual problem.

Westside Family Church embraces you wherever you are in your devout journey, no individuals have arrived, everyone is learning! Westside’s unique Next Steps growth process provides you prevailing, customized learning experiences to help you grow religiously. It was as it ought to be by God’s willed. Right from the beginning, Almighty God has been the heavenly chauffeur behind all fortunes and the motivation behind the whole set up.

Please keep in mind you cannot bring offerings to pacify God. God will reject offerings with impure and bad motives. Today people hear many preachers appeal for offerings and tithes to God as a therapy, of course it is for their church or organization. Home church will not bring God into the scene because one has no offering petition. God does not acknowledge all offerings. He can accept some and reject some. Discern that Cain was angry and disappointed because God rejected his offering. God wants to make out why he is distressed. Cain does not respond. God now announces the basis of the problem.

God says if you do fine you do not have to agonize about the offering. It was not the donation but it was his approach. There is something about what Cain that was not noble and honest. Home church will assist us learn to set our mind-set right before offerings. Human beings do not know accurately what the reason was. Nevertheless, people understand it was something Cain did that was not noble. Also, sin is waiting for him. If you do not do fine sin is the cause. This sin will ultimately catch up with you and devastate you. God is so worried about Cain he talks to him and tries to educate him to set his ways. He counsels him about sin. God can clearly perceive the reason. Home church like Westside Family Church Lenexa KS will direct you to evade such sin.

When you worship you need to be liberated. God gives you independence to worship. Worship should liberate you to be you. In a home church you can be liberated and not agonize about awhat other church members will utter about you. The conventional church has shut the mouths of all affiliates during the service. You can sing a little and that is about it. In your domicile you can sing all you want.Westside Family Church is strongly committed to our youth, children, and families through momentous investments in member volunteers, staff, budget, and facilities to build up families just like yours.

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