Hacking the mindset of the interviewer in an IAS interview

Hacking the mindset of the interviewer in an IAS interview

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The UPSC interview is considered to be the toughest in comparison to the Prelims examination and the Mains examination. The candidates who have cleared the Mains examination are called for the interview which is also known as the personality test. According to the board of UPSC, the primary objective of the interview is assessing how suitable the candidates are for the public services. In the Public Service Commission examination, the marks scored by the candidate in the personality test is known to make a lot of difference. Students can score a hundred marks or they can even get 200 marks in the interview. The competition between all the candidates is very tough and even a single difference in the marks counts.

The marks gained by the candidates can either make or ruin his chances of clearing the examination. No rules are there for getting great marks in the personality test. All you need to do is prepare well and there are chances of scoring high. The interviewers who are sitting are the members of the UPSC Board and they are not only smart but extremely educated. It is important to impress them with the tricky answers that the candidate gives.

Things to Keep in Mind 

The candidate needs to remember that there are no tricks to hack the mindset of the interviewers, as they do not have any expression on their face. It is not easy to make out what they are thinking just by looking at them. They may even ask very straightforward and simple questions or they may play along with you if you are intelligent and smart enough to answer the questions properly. The most important thing to keep in mind is not to overdo the smartness as it may prove to be harmful. Given below are the things that should be definitely kept in mind when preparing for appearing for the IAS interview.

  1. Popular Question – Why you want to become IAS?

The interviewers question as to why the candidate wants to join the civil services. This question is asked to almost all the candidates. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Rather the answer should be very specific . The candidate should be clear as to why he wishes to join Indian Administrative Service. In case if the candidate is a professional like a doctor, a CA, an engineer or an MBA, he should go even well prepared for this answer. The students who appear from the premier institutes like the IIT, IIM or the AIIMS are cross-questioned even after they provide the answer. The candidates who are quitting the jobs in the government or the private sector for joining the civil services have to be ready to explain as to why he is doing so. The candidates are judged maximum on this particular question asked by the interview board.

  1. Be prepared for unexpected and opinion based questions

It is important to keep in mind that the interviewers can ask any question from anywhere. It is expected of the candidates that he will be able to answer 90% of the questions with confidence as they are appearing for one of the biggest government exams. Civil servants are expected to be very sensitive about the important developments that are taking place in the country and all across the globe. Candidates may not remember each and everything, but he should keep in mind the ones that are important. The candidate should also provide their own views on the issues. Having opinions is not something the candidates need to be scared of. The interviewers are very pleased with these opinions. It is the duty of the candidate to grab the extra marks by expressing his own ideas and views.

  1. Have an idea about the UPSC board members before hand

The candidate should study about the members of the board because they have no idea as to which member is going to conduct the interview. An extensive research should be done about them from the UPSC website. Since they cannot be judged from before, the candidates should make an instant judgement during the interview. Candidate should try and establish a rapport with those people who have already cleared the interview.

Understanding the questions that are normally asked in interviews can be of great help for the candidates. There are many websites that have the interview questions of the previous years. The candidate should try and practice these questions before appearing for the interview.


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