Going loco over Mexican steroids

Going loco over Mexican steroids

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Steroids have been part of the body building culture ever since body building has begun. Why do they use them though? It seems like using anabolic steroids to further enhance a body builder or athlete’s physical performance gives them some sort of competitive edge over ones who do not.

While this might be the case, even with the prolific use of anabolic steroids in the US, it is still illegal to buy it without a prescription. That is one of the main reasons why body builders are turning their attention towards Mexican steroids. In Mexico you can simply walk into any Mexican pharmacy and buy anabolic steroids over the counter, even without prescription. No wonder why body builders are starting to look into Mexican steroids.

Taco ‘bout having it easy

Since anabolic steroids are “somewhat legal” in Mexico, it’s relatively easy to obtain. They can even be bought in drug stores and pharmacies without needing a prescription. You can just literally walk in any Mexican pharmacy or drug store and ask for steroids over the counter, and sure enough, they will give it to you.

Do you Juan-t to order online?

Sure you can. Most online sites that sell anabolic steroids are linked to Mexican pharmacies since they get their supplies there. But as with most online transactions regarding anabolic steroids, you should make sure that the site gets their supply from a reputable source so you are certain that you are getting only the best that Mexico has to offer.


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