GettingBack into the Workforce

GettingBack into the Workforce

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A career break because of family, sabbatical, ailment, or traveling makes it quite difficult for job seekers, especially women, to get back to work. Employers do not easily overlook the gap outlined in your curriculum vitae. But if you are looking forward to being a part of the workforce again, there are certain key considerations you have to keep in mind. Read on for some highly effective steps you should take to get a job after a career break.

A situational assessment is a necessarystep before you start applying for jobs. You need to have a realistic assessment of where exactly you stand in your career, what are the skills and knowledge you lack, and how you are going to overcome that gap. Also, a SWOT analysis is recommended since it will aid you in planning for your job search accordingly.

Before you start searching, be aware of market dynamics and update your market knowledge to know the trends in the industry and domain you are applying for. Also, a revival of old relationships and getting in touch with customers,former employers, or former co-workers can help you understand the dynamics of the job market.

Volunteering or freelancing for various paid or unpaid programs can integrate you back into the work environment. Many websites offer freelancers work and various courses, both, paid and free, for short durations which can be accessed from anywhere across the globe.

A well-written CV backed by a well-customized cover letter can make you stand out from the crowd to potential employers and may also impress them. In addition to focussing on the job role, emphasize your skills, domain knowledge along with your past success and achievements and talk about your motivations. The cover letter and CV need to be customized according to the requirement of each job you apply for.

Prepare for your interview well in advance with common HR interview questions like why you took a break, what were you doing during the break,or why do you want to return to the corporate workspace. Also, prepare for your questions related to your field.

A strong letter of recommendation from your former bosses, seniors, or co-workers, references, and certificates will increase your credibility before your prospective employers. Strong references do make a difference, especially when the certificates of appreciation are from people having influential positions.

Irrespective of how physically or mentally taxing the revival of your career seems like, feel confident about your abilities and capabilities. Get hold of that confidence by honing your skills. Be flexible, especially, when it comes to salary and compensation. Initially, it might be less due to the stand-stillness of your career but once you pick up the pace, it gets better. Seek out smaller or medium profiled companies as they offer more growth opportunities. Keep these practices in mind while you are searching for jobs in Chennai, Mumbai, or any other city.

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