Four Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in Raleigh

Four Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in Raleigh

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Raleigh is emerging as one of the hippest and hottest cities in the south. With long summers and short, mild winters, Raleigh is a great choice for taking a vacation or laying down your roots. Raleigh is especially wonderful for people who love driving RVs and enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors. There are tons of fantastic outdoor spaces and opportunities in and around the city.

We’re going to highlight four of the best. However, there are countless other opportunities scattered around Raleigh. Even if you don’t see anything on this list that piques your interests, you’re sure to find something that does.

Take to the trees at these aerial parks

Want to unleash your inner primate? Check out the Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course, which is one of the best zip line and tree top adventure parks in the country. Your treetop adventure can easily last two to three hours.

The longest zip line stretches over 500 feet and the highest platforms are around forty feet in the air. In total, you’ll be climbing and swinging over 2,500 feet.

There’s also the TreeRunner Adventure Park, another great zipline and aerial park. This park features over seven courses–including junior and advance treks. There’s also a Glow Night option for swinging around in the dark.

Dead Broke Farm

Riding a horse can be a liberating and exhilarating experience. There’s something about the wind catching in your hair and the way the horse streaks across the land.

At the Dead Broke Farm, you can go for a horse ride no matter your experience. Skilled staff can help guide you and the camp also offers riding lessons.

You can even go on an overnight camping trip, staying right on the 110-acre farm. Smaller children can also be taken on pony rides. Furthermore, the camp hosts a horse rescue program, rehabilitating abused animals.

Go above and beyond in a hot air balloon

For thousands of years, humankind dreamed of flying. Then planes were invented, and flying became a common form of travel.

Still, being in a plane isn’t all that much different from being on a bus or train. If you want to enjoy a more genuine flying experience, consider taking a ride on a hot air balloon with Above and Beyond.

The ride itself will be amazing. Meanwhile, the lush, rolling landscape of the Raleigh area makes for some beautiful sights. Seeing the vast green forests and fields from up high can be even more impressive.

Biking and hiking through the greens

There are plenty of parks and green spaces around Raleigh that make for great day trips. The Capital Area Greenway offers some vast, winding paved biking paths. If you enjoy biking, the Greenway is definitely worth a long ride.

You’ll get to see much of Raleigh while also enjoying the great outdoors. More of a hiker than a biker? The Neuse River Trail is one of the best hiking trails not just in Raleigh, but in all the United States. This well-maintained hiking trail offers tons of scenic sights, picturesque bridges, and other opportunities. The Neuse River Trail is great for mountain biking as well.

In conclusion

Raleigh is an outdoor haven. We could list a hundred other outdoor activities worthy of your time.

In fact, Raleigh offers some of the best outdoor opportunities in America’s south. Golfing, paintball, soccer, there are so many options that it’s impossible to list them all. So, whatever you’re looking for here, you’re likely to find it.

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