Education Over The Decades

Education Over The Decades

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An education offers a person a way of sustaining a reasonable life among the current society and also the basic knowledge to survive. From the day the human species evolved, there are instances where the need for an education comes into play. From making a fire to Dalton’s atomic theory, getting an education is something everyone deserves as a basic right.

A few decades ago, getting an education was an actual problem. Only a small population of the people were lucky enough to get one and ended up in prestigious positions is established industries. But things are a lot different now than the previous decades. With human rights groups and the right to education act being implemented, everyone can have access to a decent education.

In our current era, we have plenty and more sources of information. From textbooks to the internet and several other sources, learning content has never been so accessible. If necessary anyone can access any kind of information from anywhere around the world.

In the coming decades though, we can hope for an advancement. Taking away the physical LCD screens, displays might be projected onto any surface or even 3D holograms. With everything going digital, the need for students to physically carry heavy textbooks will also be gone. But there will be certain disadvantages to this as well I believe, like how students prefer to use a calculator to work on a simple math operation instead of just doing it in their heads. This is bound to reduce the sharpness of their abilities and making them lazy in the long run.

Thus, here we have discussed how the concept of education has changed over the decades and how accessible it is. Check out our website for more information on study topics like Laws Of Reflection and more, or check out our YouTube channel –

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