Easy CBSE guides for students preparing for CBSE board

Easy CBSE guides for students preparing for CBSE board

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The CBSE exams are coming near and the students have started working hard. The right study material is the biggest requirement for all the students to score good marks in the examination. There are many textbooks available for preparation but they need to be followed by some reference books or guides. It is important to take a look at all the available study material before exams as they can be very helpful to cover the maximum syllabus. There are many books available in the market that promises to help the students in scoring the maximum marks but not every book is that much helpful. Every author has his own way of explaining the concepts so it is up to you which book suits your requirement. There is a list of some easy CBSE guide and reference books for students to prepare well for their board exams.

For Chemistry-

  • Together with Chemistry
  • Arihant – CBSE Chapter wise Solutions
  • Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations
  • NCERT – Chemistry
  • Pradeep’s Chemistry
  • P. Tandon

For Mathematics-

  • S. Agarwal
  • Chand’s Mathematics
  • Bharti Bhawan – Senior Secondary School Math
  • ML Khanna
  • RD Sharma – Part 1 and 2

For Physics-

  • Arihant- CBSE – All in One Physics
  • Chand’s Principles Of Physics
  • Bharti Bhawan- Concepts of Physics
  • NCERT – Physics
  • C Verma
  • L Arora
  • Pradeep’s Physics

For Biology-

  • Chand’s Biology
  • Pradeep’s – A textbook for biology
  • Hare Krushna Giri
  • Elementary Biology
  • Danika/ Trueman Publishing – To The Point Biology for XII

For Economics-

  • Goyal Brothers – Core C.B.S.E. Economics for Class-XII
  • Dhanpat Rai – Introductory Microeconomics
  • Dhanpat Rai – Introductory Macroeconomics

For English-

All the reference books and textbooks will provide you the maximum knowledge that you need in every subject. The reason why students should cover these guides is that every book has its own way of explaining the concepts, you can choose the one which is best for you. Although, it is not necessary that you go through all the books that are available in the market but, it is always better to follow two or three books for each subject. There are many reference books that specialize in the course of competitive exams like JEE. If you are not preparing for them and only focusing on your board exams then you can skip those books.

There are many guides which provide a brief questionnaire for practice. These guides are perfect for revision in last few weeks before exams. Another thing to remember while preparing for board exams is not only these reference books but many sample papers, previous years’ papers and mock test papers are also very useful in preparation time. These sample papers give you the best study material that can be covered in a shorter time and works best for practicing. It is highly recommended that you start solving these papers as soon as you finish up with the course for each subject. Many teachers use these sample papers for taking testes of the students which is also a very good way for revision.

 It is very important to have the right knowledge of books and study material as many students wastes their time on the books that are not relevant to them. If you have a clear picture in your mind of how much you want to score in your exams then a good preparation and hard work can give you the results you want. At last, every book is a great book and it totally depends on you that which one suits your understanding.

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