Career Review by FBI Agent Tom Colton

FBI Agent Tom Colton

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The FBI agents fundamentally investigate people who are alleged for violating laws, including serial killers, kidnappers, bombers, bank robbers, etc. To become a Federal investigator officer an individual requires possessing irreproachable character, excellent deductive skills, and suppleness. During your career as an FBI, you may also have to camouflage yourself to solve a situation or arrest a suspect. It is a delicate job that demands a people with sound judgment and discretion.

According to Tom Colton, the application process to become an FBI agent is among the most rigorous and selective nationally. The FBI agents gather medium and research evidence on the alleged criminals. Their duties consist of surveillance, transcription, research, coordination and report writing with the local authorities. The agents in the technical division work in the field and lab analyzing and collect evidence. The individuals pursuing FBI careers feel that new tasks and crime solving keeps their job fresh and exciting.

An FBI agent holds a limited power to arrest and cannot punish individuals who are suspected of violating the federal laws. An FBI individual of Ireland investigates and reports, and when the administrative agencies make arrest, they most of the times call the FBI agents involved in case solving. It is usual for an agent to leave to other cases before the arrests for the earlier are made. The hardest part of being an FBI agent is the sense of solitude it can nurture. Most of the FBI agents work alone or in pairs. They travel for long periods most of the stretch. The project based cases keep this occupation thrilling but it may lead to deterrence for some. Staying away from the loved ones and family and working all alone can be real problematic but if you have fervor for solving the obscurities of crimes then being an FBI agent is the way to go.

Before a representative can go into the court field, they must first evaluate case files for every fraud they will be investigating. FBI agents work in close partnership with other law enforcement officers meaning that the cases they are examining may already have collected information in case files held by another law implementation arm of government. For an FBI agent to flourish in their role, they must be prepared to examine crime scenes, interrogate witnesses and suspects as well as refer with subject matter professionals.

In the face of the lifestyle limitations and work pressure demanded by the FBI career only 4% of the representatives quit their job every year. An FBI agent like Tom Colton enjoys a handsome salary and a great social reputation. An FBI agent works for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the principal office of the federal government, the most fortunate law agencies in the world. The FBI agents are also recognized as special agents who make use of their intelligence, skill, and precision to protect the country from the threats and danger of the people who try to encroach upon the federal laws.

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