Best Luxury Resorts You Want to Book Once in a Lifetime

Best Luxury Resorts You Want to Book Once in a Lifetime

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Mumbai is the city of dreams. Hundreds of people come to Mumbai on a daily basis from all over the country to earn their livelihood. This makes it a concrete jungle full of people. Mumbai is a city always on the move. Hence, it is a great feeling to escape from the city and search for popular weekend getaways in and around the city. Let us look how to book Mumbai resorts and have a great weekend.

a)    The Resort – Madh Marve Road, Mumbai

Madh Island is a beautiful weekend getaway situated very close to Mumbai city. You can experience the rustic side of Mumbai at this beautiful village. It is difficult to imagine that a city like Mumbai has such a serene village where people still live a leisurely life.

One of the best places to stay during the weekend at Madh is The Resort. Located on the Madh Marve Road, The Resort offers 5-star facilities at affordable rates. You can rent a private Villa that includes two bedrooms, a living-cum-dining room along with a sauna and Jacuzzi. The outdoor swimming pool is the perfect place to cool down, especially during the summer months. Have a beautiful view of the beach from the terrace. Enjoy a bouquet of amenities at this luxury resort. This is one place you should not give a miss.

b)    Arnala Beach Resort – Virar

Mumbai has many fine beaches, but you would seldom find privacy because of the sheer maddening crowd. The moment you move north towards the western suburbs, you begin to enjoy solitude on the seafront. Madh, Marve, and Manori are some of the beaches that are popular weekend getaways. Arnala Beach can also qualify as one of the popular beach resorts.

Situated about 10 km from Virar Railway station, Arnala is a beautiful place to have a short picnic. This beach has some beautiful locations to spend the nights such as Arnala Beach Resort. This is not a 5-star resort, but the facilities on offer compare with the best in the business. Free breakfast is one of the main attractions at this resort.

c)     Pali Beach Resort – Bhayander

Pali Beach near Bhayander is also gaining reputation of a popular beach resort. A lot of people reside in far-off suburbs like Mira Road and Bhayander. There are a lot of quiet beaches in this area, one of which is Pali Beach. Located at a distance of around 13 km from Bhayander Railway station, Pali Beach Resort is one of the best places to spend the weekend.

Many corporate offices hold their conferences at this resort. This beach resort has swimming pools, indoor games, water slides, and exciting facilities for kids to have a great time. You have gym facilities that fitness fanatics would love to experiment.

You have good and clean rooms to complement these facilities. This makes it one of the favourite places to book Mumbai resorts

d)    Juhu Hotel – Mumbai

Juhu Beach is one of the most favourite beaches in the city of Mumbai. A major point of attraction is that a majority of film stars reside in Juhu. You might just run into an actor or two almost on a regular basis at Juhu Beach.

This is a great attraction, but Juhu Beach has some beautiful and posh 5-star hotels like the Juhu Centaur and so on. Old timers to the beach will still recall the great time they had at Juhu Hotel. One of the oldest hotels on this beach, Juhu Hotel has been around since 1934. The greatest advantage of this hotel is the sprawling area. Spread over an area of 2 acres, this is nothing short of a luxury in a place as densely populated as Juhu is.

Maybe the only hotel inside the city having a resort-like ambience, Juhu Hotel is one of the best places to book Mumbai resorts.

e)    Shalom Resort Hotel – Panvel

From the heart of the city, let us move eastwards to Panvel. At one point in time, Panvel was a distant village. Today, it has come closer to Mumbai because of the development of New Mumbai as a satellite city. Panvel is just about an hour’s drive from Mumbai city. This is one of the great locations to spend your weekend.

You have attractions like the Karnala Bird Sanctuary, home to some of the most exotic birds in the world. This is a good middle-class luxury resort that many people prefer to stay in. Visitors to the sanctuary love to spend their nights here. This allows them to literally stay in the lap of nature. Shalom Resort Hotel is one of most popular ones in this part of the town.

We have just seen five resorts from different parts in and on the outskirts of Mumbai city. These resorts provide the best ways to enjoy the weekends. A lot of people frequent these resorts as it gives them the much-needed break from the hectic life in the city of Mumbai.

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