6 Valentine Cakes for Your Boyfriend to Make Him Feel Special

6 Valentine Cakes for Your Boyfriend to Make Him Feel Special

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Wanna express your undying love for your boyfriend this valentine’s? Well, what can be better than sending him a yummy delightful cake and express your feelings. You can even cut the cake together to make the day memorable and merrier. The day will surely turn into a special one with the cakes which are unique and designed in the best way possible.

Here is a list of some amazing, fresh, yummy cakes for Valentine to make the celebration worth it by either sending them to your boyfriend or even cutting it together:

  1. Crunchy butterscotch cake

The cake with lots of crunchy brown sugar, yummy creamy toppings and a great taste is surely going to make your love feel special. Ask the bakers to beautifully ice I LOVE YOU on the top of the cake to make your love fall for this delicious cake. He will surely fall in love with you by such a sweet gesture.

  1. Heart shaped fruit cake

Well, fruits can never taste better than this, the yummy cream blended well with the aroma and taste of the fresh fruits is something which is surely going to be finger-licking good. Imagine the priceless smile he will have on his face on seeing that you took so much effort to get this yummy cake to him on this special day.

  1. Themed cake

Well, this cake will add a personal touch to the whole celebration. You have hundreds of options here and going with the cake which is relevant to his choice or hobby is something which will make him fall for you all over again.

  1. Anti-gravity cake

Amaze him with a cute yet tastiest cake which appears to cheat on gravity, the gems flowing from the top with no source on to the top of the cake is so mesmerizing to view. Convey your heartfelt emotions to your love with this cake and make him special this Valentine.

  1. 2 tiered-chocolate cake

Tiered cakes arealways loved by cake lovers, as you got so much to eat once you cut it. And till that time you do not cut it, you get to admire one of the most beautiful designer cakes; once you cut it you get the delight to savor it. Imagine the awe-striking moment this cake’s sight will give your boyfriend. You can cherish these moments throughout your life.

  1. Strawberry vanilla cake

Like your sweet and salty feelings, gift him a cake which is a perfect blend of two of his favorite flavors and make him feel on the top of the world. You can always choose a designer cake which comes in these flavors and ask the bakers to top the cake with a romantic caption. You can choose the best design which is good to surprise your love.

Along with these yummy cakes you can gift him a flower bouquet or even a single flower which is his favorite one. Even sending a single rose will do, these gifts are perhaps one of the best gifts to convey your innermost feelings to your boyfriend.  So, choose his favorites be it the cake’s flavor or bouquet of flowers to make him fall in love with you all over again.

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