6 Houseplants That Attract Positive Energy in House

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Needless to say that plants have the ability to help people prosper in many ways. From ensuring you a healthy diet to providing you a cleaner air to breathe, from healing your wounds to bringing good luck in your life, plants make your life better and happier. But, do you know that plants can also help you bidding adieu to negative energies?

Yes, to get rid off all the negative energies that bring you a bundle of stress, anxiety, and trouble in your life, all you just need is a houseplant to keep in your home. But, before you go ahead to buy plants online, know about the seven best houseplants that attract positive energy house here:

Lucky Bamboo

According to the Feng Shui lore, it is said that the lucky bamboo houseplants help in bringing peaceful and wise energy to a home. This plant is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Thus, it is kept in most of the houses and offices. It is believed that if you keep the bamboo stalks to odd numbers, chances are that it will bless you with abundant wealth and happiness.

Holy Basil

Basil is a house plant which is considered auspicious in Hinduism. According to the Hindu mythology, growing a basil plant in a home is believed to ward off evils from life. In fact, it is one of the few plants that emit oxygen twenty hours a day and also absorbs toxic gases like carbon monoxide from the air. It is believed that if you sprinkle basil leaves dipped water in every corner of your home, it washes away all the negative energies from your house.


Cactus is very common and low-maintenance houseplant that are considered to absorb all the negative energies from the house. A cactus can even help you fight off stress and anxiety. In fact, cacti can absorb all the negative electromagnetic energies emitted from the electronic devices in your house. So, order a cactus plant online and attract all the positive energies in your house.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a very common houseplant that you can find in almost every house. These plants are known for their healing benefits but do you know that aloe vera plants can attract positive energy in your life? Yes, apart from its healing properties, aloe vera plants release a positive energy which can fight off negative vibes, bad luck, anxiety, and stress.

Peace Lily

The peace lily is a beautiful flowering plant that can help you proper mentally and physically both. The peace lily is a quite easy-to-care house plant which grows well in shades and is preferred by people to be kept in their bedrooms in order to have a peaceful sleep. It bears glossy spiked leaves which are believed to improve the flow of positive energy in a house.


Sage is basically a herb that bears incredible cleansing properties which helps in vanishing the negative vibes from a house. In North America, people burn white sage bundles to get rid of negative emotions like anger, fear, anxiety etc. Thus, keeping a sage plant in your house or office will help you promote positive energy among the people around you.

So, feel lucky to know that you can now reduce or say goodbye to all the negative emotions and energies from your life by adding one of these plants to your house.

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