5 basic appliances you should buy for your new home

5 basic appliances you should buy for your new home

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These days, technology is pioneering the lifestyle of the urban and rural folks. From our food to our sleep, everything is influenced by electrical and electronic appliances. There are numerous appliances that can completely automate your home and your life. But there are certain appliances that are necessities rather than luxuries. This article attempts to discuss basic appliances that should be installed in your homes. These appliances have become such an integral part of lives that we can’t imagine our life without them.


India lies in the tropical and subtropical region where temperatures are generally high. At high temperatures, food gets spoiled quickly. Thus, you need a refrigerator to preserve various items like cooked food, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, cold storage items, meat, and so on. Based on your requirements and budget, there are various options available in the market. You can either opt for direct cool or frost-free refrigerators, both have advantages and disadvantages. There are other factors such as the number of compartments, energy ratings, warranty, and special features that should be considered while purchasing a refrigerator.

Washing Machine

The washing machine is another appliance that is gaining popularity amongst buyers, especially city dwellers. The washing machine automates the complete washing and drying process, thus, saving time and effort. The best washing machine in India, as per your preferences, can be either a semi-automatic machine or a fully-automatic machine. The semi-automatic machine has separate compartments for washing and spinning whereas fully-automatic has a single drum where all tasks are performed. According to the cloth type, duration of washing, and other factors; there are preinstalled wash programs that wash clothes effectively. If you have a low budget, opt for the semi-automatic machine. Otherwise, you can purchase a fully-automatic one. Check this site for a basic guide to buy washing machines.

Air Conditioner

As the villages and towns transform into cities, the weather conditions are becoming extreme. India experiences extreme hot and cold temperature. To counter these conditions, installing an air conditioner is highly recommended. The appliance will moderate the room temperature as per your requirement so that you don’t feel the harsh weather. Air conditioners have evolved drastically. You can either opt for copper-coiled or aluminum-coiled air conditioner. The former is expensive whereas the latter is affordable. In addition to these, an AC is capable of purifying the air. It will remove bacteria, foul smell, harmful pollens, etc from the air; delivering fresh air at all times. The inverter technology moderates temperature automatically according to the external variations in temperature.

Microwave Oven

Food can be a significant mood changer as it is the ultimate source of energy and survival. And if youhave delicious food on the table, you will lead a happy life. To achieve this purpose of cooking and eating tempting food, you should definitely purchase a microwave oven. The power consumption and the capacity are the most evident features of a microwave. You can opt according to the types like the grill, convection, or both. Other prominent features include preset controls for particular cuisines, dedicated functioning for meat or bakery items, and so on.


Entertainment is an unavoidable aspect of a person’s life. When not working or sleeping or eating, people look for entertainment. Televisions are the most engaging entertainment mediums. Whether you want to watch a cricket match, your favorite show, news, movies, or music; a television is what you need. Purchase LED or LCD TVs that have spectacular and large display screens. You can consider purchasing a Smart TV that allows you to connect to the internet and browse your favorite apps like YouTube, Netflix, and social media sites.

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